Day 5: The crushing guilt of $6

This morning I went off to spend the day writing. And no, I did not resist the siren call of coffee shop coffee. Furthermore, I ate both breakfast and lunch at fast food joints. The guilt– I tell you, it is crushing me, people. I spent $6. If that had been in the grocery store, for something that would benefit everyone, I’d be fine with it. But, no, that was breakfast, lunch, and coffee just for me.

I did buy the $2 coffee instead of the $3 coffee. And instead of the $8 Panda Express orange chicken that I was craving, I opted for a chicken wrap off the Wendy’s dollar menu. But still…for a good hour after lunch I felt very irritated with myself. Then sanity returned and I decided it was dumb to beat myself up over $6.

Meals Today
Hubby was in charge of breakfast and lunch. Not only did he do both quite admirably, he also commandeered the final battle with the corn in our garden. I found it all stowed neatly in the freezer when I got home from my day away. Bless the man. Cooking and corn preservation skills were not what attracted me to him at age 19, but, boy, they’re a sweet fringe benefit these days. Plus, he’s still adorable, which definitely IS one of the things I cared about at 19.

Breakfast: Pancakes and orange juice
Lunch: Spaghetti, corn, and apples
Dinner: Bacon Veggie Linguine Salad and garlic toast made with hot dog buns (no, I still haven’t found the time to make– or buy– bread!) The salad was my adaptation of a new recipe. It took a lot of chopping but it was yummy and was a great way to use a bunch of cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers.
Movie Snack: Popcorn (the movie was Saving Sarah Cain, and it was excellent!)

Aren't they pretty?

Aren't they pretty?

This afternoon when I got home, I froze a bunch of baggies full of chopped sweet peppers. They will be a nice addition to stir-fries this winter. John and the kids got a swim in the pool, which is cooling off rapidly. One of these days we’ll be shutting it up for winter, I’m afraid. Despite my done-ness with gardening, I still haven’t quite resigned myself to the end of summer.

One other really fun thing happened today. Remember the other day when I was feeling bummed that hubby and I probably wouldn’t be going out to eat this month? I got a card from our orthodontist thanking us for referring my niece to them, and in the card was a $25 gift card to Winger’s. There’s one date night this month, guilt-free! God is gracious.


  1. I spent $9 on that Kraft shredded cheddar and mozzarella mix today. Not for me, just to melt on top of the dog’s home-cooked food packs when I microwave them for her. I’m trying not to think of how many vaccines for Third World countries I just wasted on a spoiled little dog…

  2. No guilt! Mary, I vote that you get to spend a few dollars a week on your time away… you need it! Girl, you are working your butt off to raise that family frugally! Don’t worry about the small change– xoxo.

  3. I’m pretty sure you’re worth the $6! No guilt necessary.

  4. I love your blog. Just found it. We have some things in common and I will be reading more. I’m an adoptive mom also. We have 2 bio, one adopted from china, one exh student from Ukraine and one German student arriving on Thursday. Life is fun with lots. And I love frugal living.

  5. You sound like me, beating yourself up over your $6 splurge. I really wanted ice cream last night, so I justified getting a $2.48 small ice cream from Baskin Robbins for me, my husband, and my 2-yr-old son to all share. Even though I told myself it was okay because I had raided the spare change bowl, I still kept asking myself if I was breaking all the rules of this month’s challenge!

  6. have your friend sanity
    by your side
    when you walk
    in wendy’s door

  7. It’s all good, Mary. You definitely are worth 6$. It keeps you sane it keeps you working all the good that you do, ‘k? And great to hear that after all those years you are still paying attention to your marriage. It’s easy to get distracted, I know.

    PS and dang! yer gonna make me do MATH?

    You also need that time alone. This is how you recharge your batteries to keep on going and going and going 🙂

    yeah…sad to think that summer is moving on down the line. It’s actually chilly here in MO, srsly! I am wearing my leather coat and putting on the hoodies and that is terribly unusual here for this time of year. I can’t imagine how it is where you are.

    Take care.

    Live out loud. Love much. Care deeply.

    Moon in MO

  8. As a person who is working by writing (and most likely going to get paid for it, since I seem to remember you have a book contract)(or maybe doing lesson plans for the homeschool curriculum),
    you should be able to have a small lunch without guilt.
    Although it is nice that you chose a less expensive item from the menu.

    As for your hubby and all the kitchen work, well, you should definitely keep him around awhile longer and see what other quality might show up.
    It’s best if you take a whole lifetime to learn all about each other.

  9. Don’t worry in my miserliness, I put off renewing my license because we are in the process of trying to sell our house and I thought that maybe we would be moved by now. So I tucked the renewal notice aside and ended up running like a crazy woman to get it renewed before it expired TODAY. So to possibly save $66, I think I spent an extra $20 in gas. Dumb, Dumb Dumb.

  10. Hey Mary,
    I did the same thing…only my indiscretions cost $18.31! I can’t fault myself though. I work hard, cook like crazy, and like you, I go out of the house in order to write (Tues and Thurs for me). I have cut out all other extra expenditures and my appreciation for all that I have has expanded greatly. Thanks for suggesting the grocery challenge!

    Spring @

  11. I’ve appreciated the thought-provoking “30 Days of Nothing.” On Friday my youngest and I went to my favorite coffee shop (I had not been in a while and my oldest was with his MeMe.). So instead of purchasing the largest cup – I saved .50 and got the small, since I needed to purchase a snack (cinnamon muffin top) – my total was $4.18. That night our family enjoyed free entertainment of the “Firefighter Challenge” in a nearby town and ate at a restaurant we had a $25 gift certificate for – we had to add $15 for our total. I appreciate the opporutunity to start wherever I am and grow from there!


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