I’ve given us all the grace of not starting homeschool until next Monday, so this week I’m trying to fit in all the ‘summer’ projects that I didn’t get around to. At the moment I am sitting here like a limp noodle, because today I:

–(kids and I) blanched, chopped and froze about 200 ears of corn

–cleaned out and moved two dressers

–cleaned under my bed

–installed 2 shelves as new nightstands in my bedroom

–got my closet halfway organized (more tomorrow)

–defrosted, cleaned and refilled the freezer

–sorted some hand-me-downs

–gave hubby a much-needed haircut

–made a great new Thai recipe for dinner (Curry Coconut Chicken)

–Facebooked with my 2 college girls for a long time to hear about their first day of school

Maybe I’ll have a recipe tomorrow if I don’t get sucked into the whirlwind again…but we’ll see…


  1. How do you do it?!! That’s like my to-do list for the next two years!! Amazing!!

  2. Ok, I’m tired just looking at your list! I’d be thrilled if I got all that done in a week!

  3. Wow! We’re not starting til next Monday either, and with both of the kids gone all last week, I still didn’t accomplish nearly that much! I spent most of the week in the almost13 y.o. boy’s room cleaning… nuff said.

  4. I think you need to put a nap on your to do list!

  5. i’m impressed! i don’t think i get that much done in a week!

  6. Smart to do it all now. We are organizing and throwing out and cleaning up in preparation for the beginning of our homeschool year. My HS friends are all doing the same. It’s like nesting for a new baby… except this delivery (school year) is a bit longer than normal, isn’t it? I’m excited but nervous. Not as nervous as the first year, but knowing what I know now, I am taking a deep breath and enjoying the last of the summer days, as well.

  7. doing corn the last of august means you live well
    above the artic circle.

  8. Mary,
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  9. Don’t you love it when you have a day like that? I go crazy while I’m doing it, but then at night when I look back over the day and think of all the stuff I got done I’m so happy and pleased with myself.

    I really need a day like you had, I start a new job tomorrow (just 4 hrs a day at my children’s elementary school), and then school starts next week. I have a lot of stuff I’d really like to get done. I keep waiting for the “whirlwind” to sweep me up, but so far I’ve managed to stay out of its grip. *sigh* Maybe today?


  10. We’re going to hold off until Sept. 15th. I’m gonna drag out my summer as long as I can!!!

  11. Whew…I’m tired just reading your list…and feeling a bit lazy now 🙂

  12. I’m with Michelle…feelin’ kind of lazy now!

  13. I feel like a get a lot done in the day and then I visit your site and I am humbled.

  14. CatGranny says:

    Wish I could get done all that you do. After working 9 hours its all I can do to get all the critters fed, and then fixing supper. And I dont have kids! You are Super Woman to me. Oh, please post the Thai recipe, I just love Thai food, but dont know how to make any. 🙂

  15. HOW much corn now? That’s AMAZING! All I did today was sit around and feel sorry for myself because I’m coming down with a cold.

  16. gee I sat in front of a computer in a cubicle all day and now I am sitting at home in front of a computer — how I miss those SAHM HS days! Woweee

  17. (…..picking my jaw up off the floor!)

  18. What would it take for me to lay my hands on some of that corn?!

  19. Sounds exhausting! I was proud of myself for the day that my “done” list only included cutting my husband’s hair (admittedly for the first time).

  20. Mary,

    That’s an amazing list! I’m tired just looking at it! LOL


    I couldn’t read your comment above and not offer a gentle ((((hug)))).