A mommy’s kiss

This afternoon my 3 year old came inside, whimpering over a hurt toe. “I need a bandaid!” she wailed dramatically. She is currently at the stage where every owie warrants a bandaid request.

But as a mom of ten kids I am hard-nosed — the rule around here is, no blood, no bandaid. I scooped her close for a hug and leaned in to examine the toe. Closer I leaned. Closer. The toe showed not a mark.

“There’s no blood!” I said lightly. “I think you’ll be okay.”

She turned away, her body language showing she was a little peeved, though not surprised by my answer.

“Wait,” I said as she started to walk away. “Do you want me to kiss it for you?”

And for a moment as I waited for her reply, I didn’t breathe. She was sporting a bit of a ‘tude. Would she turn me down and walk away pouting? Or did my mommy-kiss still have power?

After a moment of hesitation, her face lost its pout and dissolved into sweetness. “Yes!” she said. And she came to me eagerly and held up her toe with a beaming face. And I kissed that little toe all better.

Mommy magic. I’ve still got it.


  1. There is nothing like a mom’s touch, kiss, hug, or loving words to make the hurt go away. Even as an adult.

  2. I just love how a mommy-kiss makes everything feel better. But I don’t kiss butts or bottoms of feet. 🙂

  3. It’s amazing what mommy’s kiss can fix, and how quickly it works!
    My daughter is obsessed with bandaids as well. Now when she gets hurt, she tells me she needs one because she is “leaking”.

  4. My 2 year old recently started kissing her own boo-boo’s. I was SO sad! 🙁

  5. Awww that’s so sweet. Keep it for as long as you can Mary. It’s magic but it’s fleetting.

  6. Awww…that is so sweet. I am glad she’s not too old for Mommy kisses. I have the same no-blood rule at my house, but some of my littles HATE band-aids, even when they need them!

  7. all the way from Eden.

  8. We have the same rule about Band-Aids in our house too, with one exception… mosquito bites. No matter what anti-itch cream or spray I have tried Princess notices the itch at bed time and has so much trouble falling asleep. One night I decided to put the itch cream on a band aid and cover the bite so her sheets won’t tickle her skin and make it itch even more. It worked. So no Band-Aids unless there is blood or a bug bite before bed.

  9. I love mommy magic. And to this day my mommy still has it too!

  10. Aw, how sweet!!

  11. So sweet! [:-)

  12. In our family we heal many wounds with ice.

  13. I wish I’d have thought of that rule – we go through a box of bandaids a week sometimes, lol.

  14. Awww, so sweet!

    I’m a mother of seven, and I guard my bandaids like the gold that they are. No blood, no bandaid. But, I will make an exception for bad scrapes. Those are ouchy.