How many pictures?

This weekend while we were camping, I had my computer but no internet. Theoretically I could have gotten a lot of writing done during the evening hours. The reality? I spent hours sorting through the pictures on my computer. 7762, to be exact. From only 2007 and 2008. (Bad pictures have been culled and previous years are backed up on CD’s.)

That got me curious. How many pictures do you have on your hard drive at the moment? One easy way to count is to right-click on your ‘my pictures’ file. Click on properties and it will list how many pictures you currently have saved in that file. I’d love to hear your numbers!

Oh, and the above picture is of my baby playing dress-up with pop beads. I can hardly believe she’s turning 4 in November. When I started this blog she wasn’t even 2….nostalgic sigh….


  1. She is soooooo beautiful. That is an amazing picture.

  2. 10,198 since March, 2008 – and I’m in the process of storing them on the external hard drive this weekend. I need to be more ruthless with deleting.

    And that picture is absolutely gorgeous!! I hope she will always love to wear bright colors – they suit her wonderfully.

  3. 12,675. And we just finished backing old years up because we had NO more space on the hard drive. Once I finish going through the last 2007, that number should be down some more, though. AND I haven’t scrap-booked since mid-’04–right before #2 was born. One day–if I stop having babies–I’ll get around to it! Right now, I’m too busy being buried under sleeping babies (and taking pictures of them, too)!

  4. She is so gorgeous! I have years of photos on CDs. I make triplicates in case one goes bad. I’d really love to afford an external hard drive just for photos. One day…

  5. Daylily Girl says:

    1,234 🙂 wow! And I’ve only have my computer for a year and a half.

    ~ Second daughter

  6. 16,538 Since January 1st 09