How many pictures?

This weekend while we were camping, I had my computer but no internet. Theoretically I could have gotten a lot of writing done during the evening hours. The reality? I spent hours sorting through the pictures on my computer. 7762, to be exact. From only 2007 and 2008. (Bad pictures have been culled and previous years are backed up on CD’s.)

That got me curious. How many pictures do you have on your hard drive at the moment? One easy way to count is to right-click on your ‘my pictures’ file. Click on properties and it will list how many pictures you currently have saved in that file. I’d love to hear your numbers!

Oh, and the above picture is of my baby playing dress-up with pop beads. I can hardly believe she’s turning 4 in November. When I started this blog she wasn’t even 2….nostalgic sigh….


  1. she looks so exotic. i wonder if she will always be drawn to colours or will she slip into the more monochromatic style that most of us adopt.

  2. She looks so pretty! I love her arrangement of the beads!

    Interestingly, I am currently going through my own photos. I’m making sure they are organized and all backed up. (I do three copies — one on my desktop, one in my online gallery, and one on an external harddrive. Oh, and one on Flickr, but that doesn’t count.) Let’s see, from 2000 – 2008, I have 5805 pictures. Some are missing from 2007, though. I guess I forgot to back them up, and now I’m going to have to download them from my gallery. Sigh.

  3. She is absolutely beautiful. The bright beads look so good on her. As a side note, the mexican lasagne on pioneerwoman’s website is a great recipe for the family. 🙂 We made it last night and the kids really enjoyed it. I thought of you because the measurements in the recipe can feed a large group! Have a good day…Chris

  4. 20,374 and that’s just one computer! This computer is my husbands work computer so it has quite a few work folders on it, but there are A LOT of family pictures dating back to 2006.

  5. Oh, I didn’t think I had this many. I thought I only had a thousand or so, but it turns out I have 3,699 pictures on my computer. From last year and this. Yikes! I guess I should do something with them, huh?

    BTW, Love your new home! 🙂

  6. 6,155! I had cleared out a bunch before our vacation this summer to make way for the nearly 1,000 I took on that trip! But obviously I still have some work to do.

    Beautiful picture, she is too cute.

  7. I want to say at least 3000 but we have only had this comp. for a year. I couldn’t get it to show me exactly how many I have but I know it is a LOT. I take a couple thousand a year easy. I love the pic of your dd. She is so pretty with all the color on her. I love it when my girls accessorize.

  8. ugh…6,255…..and only approx. 250 of those have been scrapbooked 🙁

  9. She’s so beautiful! Doesn’t she look… REGAL in this photo?!? Such a wise, calm expression. She looks *centuries* older than 3. I love reading about your family and just had to delurk to comment on this amazing picture today! (I also loved the “summer” image from a few days ago).

  10. Love the picture! Well, I have some pictures saved elsewhere on my computer, but a quick look at my iPhoto says I have 18,676 photos in that program. Guess that’s because I’m married to someone with a photography hobby and we have a Digital SLR so we can just click, click, click… 🙂

  11. 22,888. Oh my sainted aunt. And most are from the past 2 years!

  12. 7,552. We’re pretty close! Mine are also from ’07 and ’08.

    Your baby is so gorgeous, Mary. This picture needs to be framed! I think I’m going to get my hands on some pop beads for my own girls…they would love those.

  13. I have 921 since Christmas 🙂 And that is deleting the bad ones as they download! I do digital scrap booking, so I try to keep my RAM freed up for the insane amount of stuff I have for that!

  14. What a beautiful child…
    Ummm… 11,469 pics, covering 2005 to present. Maybe I should do something about that…

  15. Came here from SS…your daughter is gorgeous! What a lovely girl!

  16. Those bright colors make her skin look soooooo beautiful! I would look silly in colors so bright but she looks like she should wear those beads every day! Lovely.

    And pictures? I am afraid to look! I will say that I need to back them up again. I feel like I am playing Russian roulette with them not backed up on disk in my safety deposit box!

  17. Oh my- Over 2,200 just from the last year alone. I guess I need to go on a Picture folder cleaning spree too. P.S. Your daughter is a cutie patootie!

  18. Well, I didn’t think I had too many but…

    2147 on my desktop and
    3,488 on my laptop. WOW

    Your daughter is beautiful, she looks like a queen, so regal and proud. And proud you must be!

  19. She is stunning!

  20. We love those Pop Beads!! And I have all boys LOL. Ok- just checked and I have 474 pics in My Pictures right now. But I keep them in a zillion folders on my desktop and other places, too. PLUS a few months ago I transferred everything to DVDs. BUT I’m always taking pictures!


  21. 17,467 at least half of those from the last 6 months since I brough my daughter home from Ethiopia. I must back them up.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  22. 4,923 🙂

  23. About 3 year’s worth: 5,303

    My 3 year old passed by the computer and saw this photo. It caught her eye of course. That is classic pre-school Ethiopian style, it seems!

    (By the way, I THINK it was your blogroll from which I started visiting Jewels at Eyes of Wonder last year. If so, you might be interested to know that she’s just come back to blogging. I was delighted to discover it.)

  24. 3,249…not too bad… or maybe I am not taking enough pictures..hmmm

  25. 7,074, and that’s starting September 24, 2006. Everything before that date was on my laptop hard drive that died. 🙁 I still have it though, in case some day I’m rich enough to have the data retrieved.

    Your daughter is gorgeous and the picture is very well executed.

  26. 7,942
    It’s probably time to sort through them.

  27. 4,570 pictures! And most just from this year!

    That is an absolutely gorgeous picture of your daughter – I love the expression on her face. =)

  28. 5,401 – and I have a bunch on a back up drive. It’s amazing how not having to develop film has made us all great photographers.

    She is adorable!

  29. No idea how many photos are on my hard drive. But could your baby be more adorable in that photo?

  30. 2718 wow that’s cool

  31. Multi-taskingmom says:

    Mary she is breathtaking! I don’t know how many files I have because they are all in subdirectories and I’m too lazy to click on all those folders, but I have filled a 15 gig drive with pictures.

  32. Here via Shutter Sisters.

    Your girlie is beautiful! Perhaps she’ll be a designer when she grows up. 🙂

    I don’t have more than a couple thousand pics on my hard drive, since we regularly back them up to a server and then again on a portable hard drive.

  33. What a stunningly beautiful girl! I have about 15,000 pictures on my hard drive and my external hard drive, but that’s because I scanned in thousands of old family photos and slides when I was takning care of my mom 24/7 the last 4 years of her life.

  34. I have 2884 on my hard drive. Whew! I thought that was a lot until I saw your number. 🙂

  35. 3193. And I thought that was a lot. Until I saw these comments.

    Your girl is BEAUTIFUL!

  36. She is so beautiful! All of your girls are gorgeous!

  37. I have somewhere between 30,000-35,000 photos (I keep them on an external hard drive, upload them to a photo service online, and back them up through an online backup service (MozyHome)). Those are mostly from 2003-now (very 2006-now heavy, ever since I got my dSLR), with some earlier scans as well.
    I also have another 20,000+ files of digital scrapbooking supplies. Do I win something? 😉

    Lovely photo of your daughter.

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  39. Mary,
    I checked and 12015 photos in my photo library, pitifully unculled and disorganized other than by time. I backup to both an external USB drive locally and keep a remote backup on the Carbonite website for piece of mind.
    Nice picture of your daughter, she’s a beautiful young lady. Since the last time we’ve talked my wife Deb and I have adopted a little girl who is now four months old. She came home to us at two weeks of age. Seeing your daughters well done hair, I have to ask, how did you learn to style African-American hair? The two boys are easy to do but the Arena Marie is going to need more than a simple short cut like the boys. Neither my wife or I have experience working with a girls hair and right now she’s starting to resemble Albert Einstein!!! Any suggestions from you or your readers are most welcome.

  40. 1,162 pictures! 🙂

  41. I have a mere 988 on my hard drive from Jan to now. My computer died in December last year and I lost…only two months worth! I always get mine backed up on CD so I didn’t sob too long.

    Now if I add up all my prints…that’s another story. 35 albums, 300-400 pics in each…about 12,000. Since 1984. Scary.

  42. OH man!! I haven’t seen a close-up of her like that in awhile! She’s as gorgeous as ever!!! Keziah and her are close to the same age…keziah will be 4 in Nov. I can’t believe how they’ve grown!!! : ) Those beads are too cute! Where’d you get them??

    Pics – WAY TOO MANY! : ) I’ve got a lot of work to do!!!

  43. Oh my goodness! 2583! I cannot believe it. And I can’t count the number of developed photos sitting in a box. Five years since I put a picture in an album – my poor children!

  44. Hey Mary! You don’t know me but I am a regular reader and I never thought to take a look to see how many pictures I have on my computer. I got my laptop brand new last August 2007 and I always have a camera in my hand. Well I looked and I have a big ol whopping 13, 675 pictures in My Pictures!! I couldn’t beleive it when I saw it!!! Can you? I think I have everyone on here beat…..unbelievable. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Hope you get a kick out of that! Take care! 🙂

  45. Sorry I forgot to post my web-site name! 🙂

  46. 2,899, wow I didn’t even realize that you could do that!!! I’d better get them on a cd quick;) I love the picture you posted so bright and lively, she is adorable!!

  47. That little one is soooo beautiful. She makes me think of an African princess with all those beads and that gorgeous face.

    I have no idea how many pics are on our computer. Not sure I want to find out. :0

  48. 28, 537.

    I take a lot of pictures.


  49. We’ve just recently organized our pictures as well. Generally, we don’t delete and some would be saved twice one original and one after editing. All in all, 44,357 files in our main picture file since 2000. Yikes!!! My separate folder of many from 2007 and this year is 6,546.
    It’s amazing seeing these numbers – fun! I think it’s time to back this years stuff up!!!


  50. Our daughter is beautiful and the photo captures her well.

    I have 6,198 photos on my computer at the moment and am also in the process of backing them up. (I’ve been using flashdrives.)