The Frog Blog

This weekend’s camping trip to the mountains turned out to be a frog extravaganza. Here’s a sampling of the captives. You will be happy to know that they all survived their kid-handing, and were all successfully released to the wild again. And yeah, that’s a snake in the middle, just for variety. (click on each photo to see the full image.)


  1. gotta love those frogs!! so funny – how as a kid i totally would have been holding frogs too….but now i wouldn’t be able to do that sort of thing. 🙂

  2. that gives me the heebie jeebies! frogs are my least fav. i can take snake, mice, and spiders over frogs and toads. i’ve had to really swallow that in mothering boys. {chuckle} 😀

  3. Oh, I love frogs! And how many you found!

  4. Frogs – such fun. I’m glad they all were released. he snake too.


  5. Aww, frogs are cute!! They are very cordial and funny if you pay attention to them. However they do pee on you if they don’t want to be held! But it’s ok — it won’t kill ya. 🙂

    We have frogs galore around here since the flooding. Our yard a month ago simply looked like it was jumping all the time, there were so many frogs! Big ones, little ones, teensy ones. The bullfrogs were displaced from the river as the river gradually made its way into town, so they seemed the ones most confused. I didn’t touch those, but I did love hearing them sing.

    You know, during the height of the flood when it would rain we had froggies jumping up the porch steps trying to get into the house. You know it’s really wet when it’s TOO WET for frogs! LOL

    sounds like y’all had fun

  6. I have an entire category on my blog devoted to my fear and loathing of frogs. After viewing these pictures, I may need to lay down for an hour or 5. 🙂

  7. connie ostyn says:

    wow.. I dont think I have ever found a frog before 😉
    too fun! Carl just showed me how to find your blogs. I am loving the frugal cooking ideas!