30 Days of Nothing

30 Days Just wanted to remind you all about the 30 Days of Nothing that I’m planning for September– a mere two weeks away. Details are here. Feel free to grab the button to mention it on your own site, whether or not you decide to play. Feel free to email me for the code (owlhaven at aol dot com) if you need it. I’m really hoping lots of you will decide to play along.


  1. Mary,

    You rule! Not sure if I’ve got the guts to play along, but I’ll be reading my way through it with you. 😉

    I’m passing a blogging award your way. You can find it at my blog.


  2. I really like the whole premise of this 30 day challenge. I wonder if I can do it? Only one way to find out! Count me in to join the fun. 🙂

  3. I tried this at the beginning of the summer. We FAILED miserably. I did it because of economy, not because I saw your blog–which I just found today. I think I might like to try it again, when you start your challenge. Maybe a little accountability will help.

    While we did cut WAY Back on what we spend on stuff, eating out, doing things. I know it can be improved. We don’t have cable or any type of subscription service for entertainment purposes. We do have a gym membership that will thankfully end in Nov.

  4. I think we’ll play along. My family seemed excited about trying this.

  5. I think our family is going to try it but I think we have to start a little late…we are going on a trip to florida in early september and I think not spending much on vacation would be tough… is that ok?

  6. I am going to do it. There are some areas I know we will not be successful in cutting back on but I am going to try. Thanks for the icon and the inspiration.

  7. Multi-taskingmom says:

    Count us in. We have pretty much been doing this all summer, we bought a new house and have not yet sold the old one, so we pretty much think about everything we buy. BUT we can improve and this challenge will be good for us.


  8. I will definately be on board for this challenge. Not sure the kiddo’s will be all gung-ho but our finances are screaming at us to try something different. Thanks for the great idea!

  9. We are going to give this a try. I am going to try to get our homeschool group on board also. It makes me nervous to go without, but that’s the point. I shouldn’t feel so connected to stuff because surely it isn’t the stuff the matters.

    How do I put the button on my blog?

  10. I’m up for the challenge, and I think I’ve got my hubby on board too. It’s definitely something we need to try. I hope it has lasting effects on our spending even after September.
    Too bad my birthday is in Sept… we might have to make an exception for that!

  11. Mary,
    It’s official! We are signed up and on board! I just put the button on my blog (post) with a link to you and I will put the button on my sidebar as soon as I figure out how 🙂


  12. Hey Mary! I think this is a brilliant idea, and have pitched it to my family. They are IN!

    I need more tips.. how to go about it exactly? Each one decides not to spend.. but, apart from trust, is there any way to know whether the others have not kept up to it? Do you give out pocket money to all, incl urself? Finer details Please!!! 🙂

    You have my mail id here… We are gonna try it out in September too.. we need to work backwards in terms of training our minds.. My family btw, completely believes in CBT! So, this should be easy, but, well worth a shot! 😀