In one room of my house at this moment

-10 yo boy and 6 yo girl are picking the meat off 20 lb of cooked chicken

-12 year old girl is vacuuming after starting ‘injera’ for dinner

-10 yo girl is making a double batch of banana bread

-10 yo boy is scrubbing the chicken-cooking pot, after complaining about picking meat off chicken. he thought his griping got a reprieve. heh.

-14 yo son is slicing a zucchini as long as his arm

-3 yo is dancing to very loud radio music with stickers all over her face (hey, we can’t all be productive!)

-I am simultaneously making tapioca pudding, creamed zucchini soup (see comments on zucchini post), and cheesy chicken enchiladas that (yes) will also contain thin slivers of zucchini. I am also hoping today to peel the wallpaper off my bathroom wall because ‘when I look upon it, the sun appears dark in my eyes’. (Quick, what book is that a quote from?).


  1. Wow . . . a mom after my own heart! Love the boy scrubbing the chicken pot – griping is not necessary is it?

    I too have had busy children today . . . I figure if they want to be busy doing things they shouldn’t, they could be a BIG help and do things they should. So, I gave them each chores they could handle . . . washing bathroon floors – great job for keeping little boys busy.

  2. SNORT! You and yours are being so productive and we here are sitting around enjoying your blog 🙂

  3. tee hee – reminds me of my mantra “People who are unpleasant will be given chores to match.”

  4. Most of them actually worked quite cheerfully. And we got a lot done in an hour, too!

  5. I am jealous that you can fit that many people in your kitchen at one time! We live in a decent size apt., but for some reason the kitchen is more like a tiny hallway, and of course all we seemed to notice when looking at it was how nice and big all other rooms were!

    It’s nice to hear about your family working so nice together.

  6. “when I look upon it, the sun appears dark in my eyes”
    The Horse and His Boy
    CS Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia

    That book is still one of my favourites. 🙂

  7. Mielikki– You are right!


  8. I’m clueless on literary references; don’t tell anyone! But I’m NOT clueless on the fact that you have x5 my two boys and yet you still manage to write as much (meaty content!) as you do. Magic, I tell ya.

  9. I was thinking about your uses for zucchini. One of favorite suppers this summer has been yellow squash, zucchini, and tomato quesadillas with some sharp cheddar cheese. They are so savory – I prefer them to a traditional quesadilla.

  10. At one point this afternoon, all three of my kids were doing their chores and ALL THREE WERE CRYING. So sad!

  11. This post made me VERY hungry (hee hee). And I can’t believe I didn’t catch that quote! I am a complete Narnia freak.

  12. Young’uns at work…I love it!!! Way to go, Mom!

  13. What a blessed and productive home you have! This was such a joy to read. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Must be something in the air… I actually had all 4 of mine hard at work cleaning at the same time today. With minimal squabbles, even. I can only hope tomorrow will be as pleasant – but I don’t think so… tomorrow we go through closets. Bleh.

  15. What a good mom you are…teaching those children to be productive citizens! Love it.

  16. Your house sounds like fun….everyone is doing something.

  17. I’m a little late in mentioning this, but did you know that August 8th is the official “Sneak a Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Porch Day?”

  18. But how? Please tell me you drink double espressos!! You are truly inspiring.

  19. LOL! Love the final quote. I have definitely felt the same way about some of the wallpaper in my house.