My cute zucchinis

After reading this odd but hilarious post by Shaun Groves I felt compelled to share these photos of our mutant zucchinis. We think they crossed with pumpkins– they are the fattest zukes we have ever seen. My favorite part of this picture, though, is the cute little zucchini in the middle.


  1. Those are HUGE!!! Wow . . . are you using Miracle grow?

  2. That post from Shaun Groves made me laugh out loud…. hilarious. I think yours might be thicker, though!

  3. Now those are some big zucchini!! I doubt they’d be good for stir-fry, but you could sure make a lot of zucchini bread!

  4. Those are huge!

  5. that post of Shaun’s made me giggle a bit too. You need to challenge him to a zucchini duel and send him this picture!

  6. I am absolutely shocked at that zucchini. I have some tiny little yellow squash that are the cutest things, but I need to figure out why my stuff is taking forever to get to size. Green peppers too. And I have a huge heirloom tomato plant that has no fruit. I do have some eggplant, but rather than belong long like they should, they are getting fatter and fatter. How is that? And my cucumbers….dead. This is my first year with the gardening, so it is trial and error for me, but I am always looking for tips and advice! Do you have any pics of your garden?
    I hope you are having a good day today!

  7. I don’t believe those are zucchinis–they are clearly some sort of weird vegetable from another planet! I have never seen zucchinis anything like that! As I’m stuck with container gardening on my porches, I decided against the zucchinis. I wish I’d done them, since they couldn’t have done worse than the cucumbers–they’re growing well but producing only blossoms. Not a single cucumber!

    What exactly do you do with a zucchini that size?

  8. Did you know that Friday was Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night?
    Looks like you have everything you need to celebrate the occasion.

  9. could just eat her up!

    Guess we know what’s for dinner and breakfast and lunch and dinner tomorrow… 😉

  10. She’s such a doll!

    And those zucchinis are pretty mouth-watering. I LOVE zucchini!

  11. Wow, wow and WOW! Those are huge, but the doll baby in the middle is definitely the cutest.

    You now have enough zucchini to make loaves of bread for my entire Christmas list. Bring it on!

    I don’t know whether my grill could hold up under one of those babies, now that I think of it, but I love grilled zucchini.

  12. Your daughter is adorable!

    How about making some chocolate chip zucchini bread? Yummy!

  13. What in the world in your fertilizer??? Holy Mother of Veggies!

  14. LOL! Those are great, and the middle one adorable!

    I guess we were all on the same page!


  15. i love zucchini, too — but those are so fat! i wonder how they will taste! as always, your middle zucchini is insanely cute.

  16. We fertilize the garden with horse manure, and water it twice a day.

    And despite the strange looks, the zucchini tasted perfectly normal. We dipped it in egg and flour and fried it til golden. Yum.


  17. Are those zumkins…or pucchinis?

    And I agree, that middle one is too cute!

  18. A few years ago our zukes were about that huge – a few were taller than a pop can (can standing on counter, zuke laying next to it). Thankfully the past few years were normal! Because, of the many garden items grown, zukes are the one thing you *really* don’t need extra amounts of. LOL

  19. OMG do you live near a nuclear power plant or something?! Those things are gi-normous! Whoa. You could feed your entire family off just one, and have some left over. Egads.

    Hey they are really yummy stir-fried with yellow squash and chopped red bell pepper and onion – use olive oil and then toss with parmesan when done. Easy, yummy, and hey let’s face it a great use for ALL THAT zucchini! Geez, can you mail some my way? I love ’em LOL

    Oh and the “little zucchini” in the middle in just precious!

  20. OMgoodness…those things are huge. I’m thinking zucchini bread…..loaves and loaves of zucchini bread.

  21. Do you live near a nuclear facility of some sort? High-voltage power lines? Three mile island?

    That’s not a zucchini. That’s a watermelon. Technically. I’m pretty sure.

    So, who are you calling odd? Oh, and thanks for the “hilarious.”