Because she makes me smile


  1. froggylove says:

    She is too stinkin cute!!

  2. That is one stylin’ little girl!

  3. she has a beautiful smile! so lively and fun. I love your pics.

  4. Movie star! 😉



  5. Me, too.

    She makes me smile, too.

  6. hee hee hee. I wish our littles ones could meet. I think they would love each other.

  7. Awwdorable!

  8. What fun she must be having. Love her smile!

  9. Mary–she’s beautiful! Your picture made me think of a question I’ve been meaning to ask you. I’d really like your take on it (about race & toys, actually). Would it be better to email? -Ali

  10. She’s beautiful and a happy picture of how happy I’m hoping my niece will be when my sister brings her home from Ethiopia.

  11. Can I squeeze her??? Too, too cute!

  12. I can see why! : )


  13. Indisputably gorgeous.

  14. oh my word. she simply could NOT be cuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!