The last BlogHer post for this year– I promise!

Here are the final business cards (I think) that I have from Blogher. If I met you and forgot to mention it, please feel free to mention it to me and I will add you.

Malena is a freelance reporter and also has a personal blog at African.Dance.Drum.Life. I had a great time chatting with her. She was especially interested in the ways that y’all have banded together with me to make a difference at least for a small village in Ethiopia.

Rlee has a website that features her art.

MJ Tam is the editor of, a parenting and shopping advice website.

Ann Glamore of My Tiny Kingdom was another of the first people I met at the conference. She is elegant and delightful in person. was one of several moms juggling a baby at a conference. Her little guy is just adorable!

Whitney and Heather ( are two young moms who wrote The Rookie Mom’s Handbook, which is a book full of activities and information for moms bogged down in the early days of motherhood. and Metropolitan Mama were two of the bloggers I hung out with over dinner on Saturday evening. We had a lot of fun!

Georgia of has some good pictures of the Saturday evening Blogher party. Think progressive dinner/cattle drive/day-after-Thanksgiving-shopping-crowd. Yeah, that about covers it.

Bonggamom and I were both fortunate enough to go on Saturday’s photo walk through CHinatown with Karen of Chookoloonks. (You can see all the photowalk pictures here and mine here)

If you’d like a lot of details about the Blogher weekend, be sure to check out She has written a bunch of posts about it all.

Jessica at and I (along with Shannon) had a good discussion over lunch on Friday about the extreme difficulty of parenting. (Can I have an Amen?)

Jean from is another blogger I got to meet. She gave away a fun version of her business card– it was a luggage tag with her blog name on it. Very fun.

I met Debra of Messy Life at the very crowded Typepad party on Saturday. She is actually a psychologist and we had a good talk about adoption and the issues families sometimes face when getting kids settled into their new families.

Bobita of wrote a sweet post about the emotions surrounding mom taking off for the weekend

I can’t forget to mention Tara of Lijit is a new search tool that sorts google results by how useful they have been to other people, instead of just by the number of keywords a webpage is (sometimes misleadingly) stuffed with. lijit bases its listings on things like how long viewers remain on a searched page, how much they click within that website, and how many recent hits that website has gotten. I plan to investigate this site more soon. Tara was really nice to talk with. She also blogs at I Quit For Lijit

Dawn of was a speaker on one of the panels I attended, but at this moment I cannot remember which one. (Can’t be because I am writing this post at 2am, can it?

Headless Mom
has been faithfully commenting here for quite awhile and I am glad to have finally met her in person!

Biggie of Lunch In A Box writes a blog about the fun bento-style lunches she packs for her child each day. This one is sooooo fun!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to meet Karen of chookooloonks in person. She was one of the first ‘celebrities’ who commented on my blog in the early days, and even though I hadn’t commented on her blog in a few months (silly me, I thought she shut it down, actually) she remembered about my family which made me feel all warm and fuzzy towards her. Besides, that girl can take pictures! Oh, my!

A site that she also blogs on is It is a gorgeous, informative photography blog. Check it out. Also from shutter sisters is Tracey who also writes Mother May I . She is a lovely warm-hearted person, who was very quick to hook me up with a soul sister of mine, Jen Lemen.

Jen went to Africa awhile back, and came back home with a new perspective on the world. Jen understood when I talked passionately about the needs there, and she was thrilled to hear what all my readers had contributed to getting food to people who need it. I was able to meet her friend, Odette, as well. Check out her blog for all that backstory.

Now I am utterly exhausted, but if I did forget to mention meeting anyone or if any of the links are bad, let me know! This was a great weekend and one I hope to be able to do again next year!


  1. It was great to meet you too!

  2. How did you meet Metropolitan Mama? I was looking for her! The Writer Mama, Christina Katz told me to find her as we were both students of hers. Darn!

    I met Karen of Chookooloonks, too. I got a pretty good shot of her at the Beautiful Blogging session. She is such a lovely person. So real and so full of warmth.

    So, how do we score some of that yummy jam? Hahah… just kidding… I actually have a friend who has an apricot tree that must have been sung to because they have more apricots than they know what to do with. Looks like I’ll be making some jam!

    You know, I have read your blog before… I think it might have been on homeschooling… it’s so weird how you were just this sweet lady who said hi over the sink in the bathroom and then I find out it’s you… that pretty much sums up BlogHer for me.

    Do you love my long post? Should have just emailed you…

  3. It sounds like you had SO MUCH FUN! I am going to make an effort to attend next year. I hope.

  4. I adored meeting you in real live person! What a treat! : )

  5. It was great to meet you. I’ve known of you for a long time through WhyMommy. It was lovely to see you in person!

  6. Mary, it was wonderful meeting you at BlogHer. When we introduced ourselves and you mentioned having 10 kids, I remember being in awe. (It might have also been shock!) Your story is an inspiring one and I’m glad that I can follow along on your blog.

    In regards to Lijit, please let me know if you have further questions. Unfortunately, at this time, does not allow third-party javascript widgets. We’re working hard on creating a solution for this and once we do, I’ll be sure to ping you about it.

    Thanks for the mention!