Storm chasing

Growing up in Missouri I remember the storms. Bold and loud and grand. A lightning storm can be as good as fireworks, and a deluge of rain thrills you even as it drenches you to the skin.

But the ominous green sky of a tornado watch has a different feel. When the radio crackles with tornado warnings, you start thinking of the storm cellar you don’t have or the loved ones who aren’t near you and wonder just how rough it could get. Chances are, the tornado will pass you by. But you never know. And that uncertainty keeps you scanning the skies, unable to relax.

Tonight I know that feeling.

I don’t understand the people who chase twisters- who want to be in the thick of it, documenting the wildness of it all. That’s so beyond my comfort zone. But this evening, comfy or not, we’re chasing storms, wondering if we’ll get just a little wind. Or a big one.

As much as I wish we were home with our family instead of waiting for a storm, I am grateful to see the equipment studding this room like clunky, expensive jewelry. I am even more grateful to know the One who rules the storm.

Bring it on.


  1. Don’t you just love that the One who created the Storm is the same One who will walk through it with us? We serve a mighty God – thanks for a beautiful reminder.

  2. Y’all stay safe, Mary.

    Still praying for your girl, and I hope she has a big enough episode for the techs and drs. to diagnose and get her medicated.

    I’m a tornado alley girl, born and bred. If one of those suckers wants me it’ll have to come get me. I ain’t goin’ lookin’ for it, that’s for sure!

    Love and hugs,


  3. hang in there, mary! hugs!!!!! thinking and praying for your daughter.

  4. You’ve said it well. And one of my very favorite verses is Proverbs 10:25-

  5. Oh yes, the green sky. And the stillness of the air. No birds chirping, no ants marching, all intuitively hidden away in anticipation of impending chaos. I grew up in central Illinois where we hightailed it to the basement when the sirens started wailing. Now I live in Texas where we don’t have a basement so we hide in the bathtub. Either way, still not in control. So far, the tornados have passed me by. So far.

  6. Here’s hoping and praying with you!