How bio-fuel contributes to world hunger

Bio-fuel means less food for the starving


  1. This is why I only buy biofuel that is made from ingredients locally. It’s A LOT more expensive than most types of biofuel, but to me it’s worth it. Thanks for shedding some light on this.

  2. Yep. Sad isn’t it? Here we are trying to find ways to justify using our cars so much and it’s causing a greater problem…food shortages.

  3. It is ridiculous to take food out of peoples’ mouths in the name of the environment. When are we going to stop worshiping that god?

  4. Excellent point, Angie. Environmentalism has become a religion to some people (Al Gore anyone?), and if you don’t worship their god in the way they want you to, then they will force you.

  5. My 8 yr. old daughter and my 5th grade students both pointed this out almost immediately when discussing bio fuels. I love that the kids can see it right away. There is hope for our future!

  6. Jeanne A says:

    We have a friend who has been saying for ages—you can’t burn your food sources. He says we should have learned that from Hitler. (Apparently Hitler had some kind of similar program?) I’m not up on my history so I really don’t know first hand—but I do know from the present that it’s not a good idea.

  7. edenphotographystudio says:

    Yup I knew about this. Disgusting.

  8. When will we stop consuming at such a ridiculous level that we have to take food out of the mouths of the starving to maintain our selfish greed. Biofuels are not the answer, but ignoring the environment isn’t either. God asked that we care for his garden- and in return it will care for us ALL. If we keep using energy at the level we as Americans want to be accustomed, the Earth God has given us will not support our demands. And the weak will suffer first, but the rest of us aren’t far behind.

  9. I admit I never really thought about it 🙁 this is awful…thanks for making us think. I linked it too , thanks.