Christmas in July

Today our family moved into the modern world. At around 9 this morning a couple of guys knocked on our door, scoped the place out, and began drilling and pounding. When they got done an hour later there was a new wire sticking out of the wall, a square thing mounted on a pedestal on our roof, and marvelous high speed wireless internet flowing through our computers.

Yeah, I’ve been online since the mid-90’s. And living with dialup internet the whole time. But today the light flooded into our little world. it was Christmas in July.

OK, so maybe I am waxing a tad rhapsodic. Internet speed is not everything, after all. But I was pretty thrilled.

It must have been pretty obvious because during breakfast, while the guys were thumping around getting things set up in the computer corner in our living room, my 3 year old looked at me and said, “Mommy, do you love those guys?”

“No!” I hissed whispered, embarrassed.

But she was unconvinced. “Are you going to TISS them??”

At that point I may have stuffed a bite of cereal in her mouth.

For the record, I did NOT ’tiss’ the gentlemen.

But I may have given them my blog card and told them I was so blogging this.

(Safelink Internet: it’s good stuff, peeps.)


  1. Yea for you! As of today we are wireless, and I have a new macbook. Oh my heavens, I had no idea what we were missing! I even got to video chat with my brother in Colorado. So Cool!

  2. Debbi Busack says:

    ok – so I want to know more about the wireless. I currently have qwest dsl wireless for $34 per month – would I SAVE $$ by switching to your company? How is it safer?

    Thanks for the info. Debbi

  3. The day we switched from dial-up (which was less than a year ago) I cried from the sheer joy of it all. I kid you not. I totally get the wireless love.

    Happy surfing, Mary!

  4. Hooray!!!!

  5. oh my goodness, yes. enjoy the videos on youtube and their super fast loading. 🙂

  6. My mother in law still has dial up. I think she would complete flip out if they ever moved on to high speed internet. I love her even if she can’t download things in a flash. Maybe one day, maybe one day.

  7. woo hoo! Welcome to the wonderful world of high-speed internet. 🙂 We no longer have tv, so I occasionally use it to catch up on some of the shows I can no longer watch! 🙂