Book Review: Fairy Foals

Recently I was asked to review a charming new book called Fairy Foals by Suzanah. This book is part story book, part artist’s sketch book. Some of the pictures are done in color and some black and white. The tiny horses — the fairy foals–are described to have different personalities and are pictured in unusual places, making me think at times of Ann Geddes babies. There is quite a bit of text in this book, making it suitable either for a strong reader or a patient parent on a leisurely evening. This is definitely a book geared toward horse-loving little girls. If you have one who is learning to draw horses, she would probably enjoy these whimsical pictures and might even learn a bit more about drawing.

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  1. Oh, I bet my 9-yr-old would LOVE this book! I’ll have to keep it in mind for birthday time. [:-)