We’re still feeding people!

I woke up this morning to $750 more of donations, which brings our total up to $1768.57! Wow!

Our window of opportunity for my folks to deliver the money to Ethiopia is just about closed, however. If you are desperate to get the money to me, at this point you’ll have to overnight me a money order. Email me privately for details: owlhaven @ aol . com

The other option is to donate directly to the Soddo Hospital , which is where my sister and my parents will be working until August. Follow the directions on the webpage and donate to one of the funds listed. This is the hospital where Dr. Mary sends her patients when they need hospital care. In my understanding, they are a well-run organization– Dr. Mary’s husband is actually on the board of directors– and they do lots of great work there in Ethiopia.

If you are interested in reading more about the current food shortage in Ethiopia, here is an eye-opening Christian Science Monitor story. And thank you again for sharing your resources with the poverty-stricken in Ethiopia.


  1. I’ve been away and so bummed that I missed the fundraiser… glad it went well though! Hopefully you’ll post some pictures for us from your mom and sis.

  2. Mary, this is fabulous! How generous of your readers to contribute in such a fantastic way!

    Electric Man and I are praying about a mission trip to Peru soon, where we want to help in an orphanage there. The missionaries will be fitting for eyeglasses and doing simple dental work.

    Our problem right now is funding, which must be secured quickly, but it’s not a problem for God, who owns the cattle on many mountains, right?

    It’s lovely to see a reminder of the work Christians can (and will) do together.

    Thanks for that!

  3. Wow!! How fantastic!!!!