How’s the people-feeding going?

I just went to check my paypal account and as of 6 pm Thursday there was a balance of $149.05 in the account which will go to a poverty-stricken community in Wollaitta, Ethiopia. Thanks to those of you who contributed, more mothers will be able to feed their children.

If you’re still interested in helping out, you have until Friday evening to go to and send money to owlhaven @ aol . com

I have to add here that fundraising of this type is a bit beyond my comfort zone, and I don’t intend to do this frequently on my blog. But with my folks leaving for Ethiopia so soon, and the need for food in Ethiopia so pressing, it seemed the right time to mention this to you.

Thank you!


  1. I would love to hear more about this project, how far the money goes buying food over there, etc.

    While you may feel somewhat uncomfortable raising money on your blog this way, I think it’s fun to be able to donate to something so specific and direct, where we get to hear from the people that are going to pass the money or goods along.

  2. You are doing a beautiful thing and you are such a wonderful lady. I am amazed!

    I wish I could contribute to this very worthy cause but we are battling the flood here in the Midwest.

    Brightest Blessings to you and yours!