9:30 PM

$254.65!! You guys are awesome


  1. Vyacheslav Kuzin says:

    Cool design!

  2. evenapencilhasfearto says:

    I’m trying to donate, but I’ve never use PayPal before, and I’m not sure it went through. Would you mind checking to see if you’ve received anything from mc . longbrake @ gmail.com? Thanks so much!

  3. Any PayPal pros out there?? I have never used PayPal. I went to their site, but it doesn’t seem to make it clear whether it is a free service. It said it is free to sign up, but is there some kind of fee charged each time I use PayPal, etc.?Thanks.

  4. Becky, What happens with paypal is that a small bit of money is taken from the money you send. For example, if you send $50, paypal keeps $1.75, and I get $48.25. So the receiver of the money gets dinged, not the giver…. It is a good reliable service. I have used it to buy things for years.

    Evenapencil– I emailed you privately.

    Thanks, everyone!!


  5. I didn’t have much in my paypal and we don’t have much money ourselves right now. But, I sent what I have in my pay pal. It isn’t much, but I know every little bit helps.