Blanket party update: what your money is doing

For those of you who are new readers, in February I hosted a ‘blanket party’ to benefit the people that my sister Sophie is working with in Ethiopia right now. Over $4000 was raised. Part of the money was earmarked to buy blankets for moms who are too poor to even be able to afford a baby blanket for their newly arrived little ones. Part of the money went towards a new washing machine for the hospital. Another portion of the money went to fund surgeries for poverty-stricken patients at that hospital. And the last $500 of the money was earmarked to be delivered to Dr. Mary, an amazing doctor who for years has worked with the desperately poor in the Soddo area.

Today I got an email from my sister Sophie saying that she was finally able to deliver that money to Dr. Mary. Dr. Mary is a hard-driving, practical, efficient dynamo of a woman. When Sophie presented her with the money she was quiet for a moment. Then she told Sophie that because of the price of food she had been on the brink of discontinuing a feeding program that she herself had been funding for a group of destitute families living up in the mountains near Soddo. She told Sophie that now — because of YOUR money, my dear readers — she would be able to continue feeding those families.

So there you have it. Your money out in the world doing good.

My heart is full today.


  1. Mary,

    Have your parents left for Ethiopia yet? If not, would you consider a ‘Food PaRtY’? Just a quick fundraiser so they can bring cash to buy food for so many who desperately need the assistance? I donate to bigger causes, and help run a non-profit to benefit Ethiopia’s orphans, but have no real means to get money directly to people who need it the most. I would love to send some cash with your folks–I imagine others might too.

  2. Thank you so much for the update. My family needed the reminder about how much “richer” we are than others in some things…

  3. Love, love, love how God provides at just the right time! What a blessing to hear how God is working through Dr Mary… Thank you!

  4. Wonderful!

    God always makes a way.

  5. clbeyer says:

    God be praised.

    I had just been worrying about the food crisis in Ethiopia, and since we are in the process of an Ethiopian adoption, it makes the concern all the more intense. I had wondered how I could help people out who were dealing with hunger. Looks like I already did and didn’t even know it.

  6. That’s great news, Mary! So nice to know that the money is being put to such great use.

    One question (sorry if it has been asked before!) – are you planning on doing this type of fundraising annually? It would be great to have it as a continuing effort. I’d be keen to donate again – I’m wishing now that I had given more at the time.

    Regards, Wilm in NZ

  7. wonderful news, and thanks so much for the update. I’m with Wilm, if you fundraise again, you can count on me.

  8. i just love it…and how nice to know in such detail where/what the money is being spent on.

  9. evenapencilhasfearto says:

    Mary, this is WONDERFUL! I have so enjoyed your recent posts from your sister, and I am in awe of the wonderful things you and your family have been able to do for the people of Ethiopia. I truly wish I could have been part of the Blanket Party…I found your blog a bit too late for that, I think. I know several people have expressed interest in participating in something similar, and I would as well! Please continue to keep us updated, both on your sister’s travels in Ethiopia, and on future fund-raising ideas you have!

    Of course, I always enjoy posts about your family – it is my hope that someday my husband and I will have a beautiful blended family like yours, and it is so wonderful and inspirational to read about and see families like the one I hope to have. Thanks!

  10. Yes, I would like to donate as well. I missed the first Blanket Party as I’m a new reader. I am loving your inspiring stories!

  11. This is excellent news! So glad to hear the blanket money went so far! Well done.