Intersection coming.

Look both ways.

Nothing. Nothing.

Pull out.

THEN see.

Car bearing down.

Time only for a wheel jerk.



Lifeblood dumping on asphalt. (But green, not red.)

Two girls getting out of two cars. Whole, healthy.

My daughter apologetic. Abjectly. Kicking self for her momentary (oh-so-human) lapse.

Other girl cheerily hoping her own car is totalled (says she’s tired of this one.)

Cell phones call in the cavalry (first police, then dad, then a friend to stand on the corner and console her while waiting for dad to arrive with duct tape and coolant.)

Daughter’s crunched car sadly leaks in a nearby parking lot.

Other girl’s car roars to life.

They exchange paperwork. Daughter hands out Tootsie Rolls all around.

Other girl chirps, “I love chocolate.” and “I wish we could have met in a happier moment,” before driving away cheerily.

Daughter later wryly says, “For a wreck, it was pretty darned civilized.”

The damage?

Besides my daughter’s chagrin with herself?

A radiator. A bumper. Maybe a hood. Doubtless a few other expensive bits of metal and plastic.

But my daughter doesn’t have a scratch.

And neither does my heart.

I have received mercy today. Great mercy. And so has my daughter. At this moment she is too frustrated with herself to feel the mercy, so thick in the air of this house.

But I grasp it. I wrap myself in it. I revel in it. I am grateful enough for both of us.


  1. wow… wow… gives you a reality check doesn’t it? I’m happy for you…you are blessed!!!

  2. rockchick7517 says:

    Hi ya, I’ve been reading your posts for a while, I enjoy reading about your family. I always wanted a few more siblings! But my parents had different ideas and stopped at 2!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m glad this crash was very minor in the grand scheme of things. It always puts things in perspective when moments like this happen. I’m sure your daughter will have learnt a lot of lessons from this happening, when she’s calmed down that is!

  3. oh I am so glad everyone’s ok, too!


  4. Wow. I’m thankful for y’all as well!

  5. Thank God all are okay.

  6. Thank God!

  7. Thank Goodness she is ok! Car’s can be fixed, a heart takes time to heal.

  8. Praise God, Mary! Give that girl a hug from me; being in a wreck is just awful.

  9. That gave me chills. My biggest fear is that one of my kids will get hurt. I’m so glad she wasn’t injured. Thank you, God!

  10. That can really jangle the nerves. Praise God everyone’s body is OK.

  11. :: lets out deep breath ::

    Praise God for their safety.

  12. texasknights says:

    Praise the Lord for their safety. I know you hugged her extra tight today.

  13. Oh my! How scary this must have been for all of you. I am glad everyone is okay.

  14. Oh, wow, I’m so glad your daughter is okay, and the other girl, too! Makes me glad my boy isn’t going to be old enough to drive for 15 or so years! πŸ™‚

  15. Oh wow, praise God for mercy, Mary!!!! Thankful with you!!!!

  16. I’m thankful she is safe. How scary this must have been!

  17. So scary!

    I am so glad both girls are okay. Thank God for his awesome protection.

  18. trixiefan says:

    That is the scariest call! My two daughters have been in three wrecks between them in the past year. Oldest has totalled two cars! Last month she hit a cow. Killed the cow and totalled the car, but she only had very minor injuries, thank God!

  19. So happy no one was hurt. Have received one of those kind of phone call myself. They send your heart up into your throat.

  20. I’m so glad she’s okay. I comletely understand. Our two-year-old caught part of our kitchen on fire on Saturday, and I had to keep reminding myself that despite the damage that we were blessed and protected from so much worse.

  21. SO glad your daughter is okay – and glad that your heart is at peace.

  22. Praise God !! And I am glad BOTH parties handled the accident so well. His Grace and Mercy abound.

  23. God is GOOD!

  24. So glad all are safe. I loved that your daughter handed out tootsie rolls and that the other gal wished they’d met in happier circumstances.

  25. I am so glad everyone is okay!

  26. Here is where I realize (again) that things are things that can be replaced, but loved ones are the important things in life. Thank you God for letting the girls be safe and help Mary’s daughter see the mercy and protection in which you bathed them both.

  27. So glad everyone is ok. I’m soon to have a driver in this house myself.

    Well written post.

  28. So thankful that everyone is safe!

  29. Life is fleeting and precious. Thanks for the reminder. I’m so glad everyone is OK.

  30. Thank God she’s alright!

  31. I know what you mean about mercy. Two Incidences.

    My husband and I are coming back from a Christmas party last year. We are coming into an intersection as soon as light turns green for us. I’m not paying attention but my husband screams “STOOOOOPPP”! Without questioning, I slammed on my breaks just in time for a red light running tow truck to come barrelling right at me. If I hadn’t stopped at that moment, he would of hit my side of the van with my kids on that side also. Because my husband yelled for us to stop, he missed us by inches. He was obviously drunk. I was just frozen in the intersection shaking. I couldn’t move because I knew for as fast as he was going, we would died. I was so, so very grateful for God sparing our lives. There happened to be a cop nearby who took off after the guy. Hopefully they got him.

    A couple of weeks ago we saw another red light runner. We pulled our car over and there was such a smashed up car almost upside down. I looked in horror when I realized that no one could of survived it. The mom and dad died. Kids were in back seat. They were seriously hurt but survived. It was a horror seen and I cry for that family. For those children, for the parents. Everytime I pass by where that crash was, I can’t help but think about how life is a gift. God gives and God takes. We don’t know when it’s gonna be our last breath. We just have to give our lives to Him and live our lives in faith. Of course that drunk driver walked away from the accident without injury. But I know he has to live with that in his mind while in prison and think about his actions for a very long time. Such a heartbreaking scene.

  32. So glad she’s alright!

    I got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach reading that, and my kids are more than a decade away from driving!

  33. Thanks be to God everyone is ok!

  34. So glad everyone is ok. I know how scary it was when I was hit and I can’t imagine how bad it would be if one of my chidren was involved in an accident. Thank the lord mine were not in the car when I was in an accident involving an 18 wheeler earlier this year. God is good. Glad to hear it went well with all drivers involved too. God is always watching over you.

  35. So beautiful.

  36. “Other girl cheerily hoping her own car is totalled (says she’s tired of this one.)”

    What a depressing indictment on this child’s life training, and by extension, our society at large.

  37. So glad everyone was ok.

  38. Phew. Glad everyone was fine!

    If only everyone could only handle life’s problems with smiles and Tootsie Rolls!

    Well written.

    I’m hosting a fest on Thursday called “It’s Real Life”. I ‘d LOVE it if you could come play!

  39. Wow I’m glad everyone is safe and that the other girl was so chipper! Incredible!

  40. Oh. My. Goodness.
    as I was reading, my hands made the sign of the cross over my chest, and I ain’t even Catholic.

    Thank Heaven everybody is okay.

    A couple seconds later, a couple feet left or right . . .

    I can start breathing again.

    ~~love and Huggs, Diane

  41. Accidents are so scary but I’m glad God had His hand on those girls. He had a plan for their lives and all you can do is be thankful at this moment!

  42. wow mary – glad she is okay. xoxo

  43. Wow! I felt a moment of panic. So glad everyone is okay.

  44. Well, I am so glad for God’s deep mercies!! And, I am so glad none of my children will ever be old enough to drive a car πŸ˜‰ Seriously, I’m so glad she is ok. I know what all those “what if’s” flying around in your head must feel like so just keep praising Him and loving on that girl!

  45. Wow. Gets my heart beating and hands shaking just reading about it. Thankful she is ok.


  46. So glad to hear that she’s alright.

  47. First and foremost, I’m glad your daughter is okay. Next, I can’t tip my hat enough to you and your husband for being such exemplary parents. To say you’re both an inspiration is probably the understatement of the year.

    May God continue to bless you and yours.

    Harlemite (the newbie to your blog)

  48. That is the hoped for outcome for a first car accident. Thank you Jesus!

    Catching up on your blog today after graduation, etc., and chose this post to comment on. Your updates from your sister are great and I look forward to more. Make sure you tell her that she is covered in prayer!

  49. glad she is okay and it is moments like this that make us grateful for our kids physical and mental health. a car is a thing, albeit a coslty thing but she is way more priceless and important.

  50. Oh wow, Mary. So glad all is well.