Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Our strawberries are in full swing and we have a pretty decent patch of them== probably about 50 plants. But we’ve been eating them so quickly (and happily) that I was starting to wonder if I’d ever have enough to make jam. So this morning I made a pre-emptive strike (meaning I got there before any kids did) and picked as many as I could. Then I picked some rhubarb and by combining the two items, I was able to get 9 jars of jam. Here’s the recipe in case you are interested.
strawberries and rhubarb
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

4 cups rhubarb, thinly sliced
2 T. lemon juice
4 cups of fresh strawberries, sliced
10 cups of sugar
2 packages of fruit pectin
1/2 t. butter (keeps jam from getting too foamy)

In large kettle combine all ingredients except sugar. Bring mixture to a full boil. Add sugar and keep stirring till sugar is fully dissolved. Return to boil and boil for one minute. Keep stirring. Remove from the burner and skim off the foam with a spoon.

Spoon the hot jam into hot pint or half-pint canning jars. I like to pour the jam into a glass 4-cup glass measuring cup first, then pour into jars, as this makes jam easier to pour into jars. Leave 1/4 inch of space at the top. Wipe jar rims clean and screw lids on firmly. Place the jars in boiling-water canner on high. When water begins to boil, set timer and boil for 5 minutes. Remove the jars from canner and cool on racks. Try not to disturb jam til it is cool. It may take several hours to set.

This should make about 12 half-pint jars.
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam


  1. That looks delicious. I will have to try it soon.

    I’ve already decided to plant some rhubarb plants come autumn.

  2. Yum! Though, I’m with your kids. I like the berries too much to put them in a jar!

  3. Oh yummy. I love those two flavors together and haven’t had rhubarb in years.

    I think you’ve inspired me to go pick more strawberries this week. We made freezer jam out of the last ones, but I need more to make it past the summer with any in the freezer.

  4. YUMMMMMOOOOO!!! I’ve never had strawberry rhubarb jam, but I’ve had strawberry rhubarb pie, and it’s SO GOOD!!!! ; )

  5. My MIL makes this jam! It’s our absolute favorite! We call it “red gold” in our house! I go crazy if someone puts it on PB & J – it is reserved just for special toast!

  6. Oh. My. Word.

    Pardon the drool. Those jars look fabulous.

    If I bake some fresh bread, can I come visit?

  7. That sounds yummy. I think I will try your recipe.

  8. hey, I made strawberry rhubarb jam today too! must have been jam-making weather or something…

    and yes, it’s very delicious on toast. mmmmm.

  9. My freezer is holding the rhubarb in readiness for our trip to pick strawberries. A power outage kind of sidetrack the jam making for a little bit. But after this weekend I”ll fire up our canner and make some too!

  10. My Dad loves Rhubarb, but I’ve never tried planting it. The jam looks so good. I’m afraid we’ll have to try this recipe next year when we have more strawberries. We’ve been making TONS of smoothies with ours!

  11. We are battling birds, bunnies and kid hands in regard to our strawberries. Still, I would love to make some jam – perhaps a short drive out to the Amish market will net some plump berries.

  12. thanks…. thanks alot … I sit a hungery and now craving…..Looks great

  13. Yum, Mary! That looks delicious. We’re eating them too quickly here to make jam. I’ll have to plant some more next year. The recipe sounds great.

  14. Your berries look divine! I really should plant some!

  15. That strawberry rhubarb combo is on my list of cravings right now, and I haven’t been able to satisfy it yet. But this was a nice beginning!

  16. Yummo, looks delish! Berry season is the best!

  17. I made your jam recipe, it was delisious!!!! My children desided that maybe we should have breakfast for dinner so they could eat it right away, lol. Thanks for sharing it.

  18. I am completely tempted. Here’s what I need to know: Is canning as easy as this post makes it sound?
    I’ve never done it before. I’ve been tempted, but scared away by the seeming complexity of it all (botulism from tomatoes!?)

    And if I buy a boiling-water canner can I buy one as cheap as this one (

    and be satisfied?

  19. As long as you are dealing with acidic foods and handling it properly, canning is safe. The key is to use clean technique, bring things to a brisk boil before putting into jars, and then process per expert guidelines. Here is a good source of info
    To be on the safe side, I always process things 5-10 minutes longer than suggested. And the canner you linked to looks just like one of the two that I use.

    Good luck!


  20. I love reading about your canning. It makes me want too, but…I have a question.

    How can I can without buying a ton of expensive equipment? I can’t afford to buy it, but want to buy the fresh veggies at the farmers markets this summer.



    fritzfacts at gmail dot com

  21. I can preserves or jelly every year, but not necessarily well. Thanks for inspiring me!

  22. what does it taste good on?

  23. Whoa This Looks Amazing! I am Going To Have To Try This Soon!