She tells stories from Africa

Another blog I wish I’d found sooner


  1. There are some really great stories on her blog….
    but just not enough about Jesus….

    It’s not about anything if it’s not about Him.

  2. What a beautiful blog. What an amazing thing to be able to do with your life.

    I have to disagree with the first comment. The first story I read was about charity, love, hard work, joy, compassion, and hope…to name a few. Those are all things that Jesus taught so to me it is about Him whether it says his name or not.

  3. Oooo now I really like this one! Thanks for sharing it.

    And thanks for the comment – an honor for me from the great Owlhaven {wink wink} 🙂

  4. Wow! She’s amazing! Thanks for the link.

  5. Thank-you for sharing this link! I donated, and plan to bookmark her.. wonderful blog!

  6. Tons of atheists and agnostic people do great works—many truly wonderful deeds, amazing acts of love and service. It is not only Christians doing these things.

    My point remains: if we are not doing these things out of the love of Christ, it is “worth” nothing.

    I am not saying that in any way to be mean….I was just disappointed that her wonderful works and her huge talents—both of writing and of service to her fellow man—did not seem to have a Christian foundation. That part was missing for me.

    I would love to be corrected on this score.

  7. I think that it is “worth” something to the people who are helped, whether or not their helpers have the “correct” beliefs. People who are starving and are fed are better off, whether those who feed them are Christians or atheists or men from Mars.

  8. People who are starving need real food.

  9. Heart…I used to think like you. But that narrow road kept me checking the rule book too often.

    “If you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much. If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else?” –Jesus

    Love is an action…not a conversion.

  10. No, Martha, you misunderstand me. I am not saying that her WORK needs to be in converting these people. That is Christ’s work alone, although it is sometimes through us that he can accomplish this. However my point was not, and is not, that she should be there to evangelize.

    What I am saying, is that when someone has a job or a calling to do something that is so out of the norm, (and looks very different from the world), as her work does, I am always curious to find out what motivates/inspires/drives that person.

    As a Christian, I know that there is only One capable of truly leading and equipping us to do good, and only He can give us right desires/abilities/talents to do His work. What I am still trying to say is that in my opinion, because there is no grounding for her other than a lot of feel-good New Age-ism, her work to try and help ANYONE is less than good.

    And as for your scripture and belief about what constitutes love, we are only capable of love because He first loved us.

  11. Heart: So you seriously think that the concrete aid of a non-Christian to suffering people in need somehow damages them?

    By all means, let them starve unless they are being fed by a Christian! (sarcasm)

    Hungry people need real food: calories. They may also need other things (love, religion, G-d, health insurance). I don’t understand what the point is of insisting on these things begin connected, or of criticizing someone who is giving them what she can. And apparently doing a good job.

  12. Well Heart – I am supposing you’re willing to give up food yourself, then. I don’t really understand how you can be so judgmental and also claim to be Christian. Are you reading the Bible??? Jesus wasn’t like that!!!

  13. Fantastic Site! Africa looks different than I expected. The trees are different than I expected. Trees are always the was to know where you are!