School supplies, free book and global warming

High today: 62 degrees. Forecasted high for tomorrow: 64. Pool temperature today: 65. And we’re having a pool party to christen our new pool tomorrow. Pray the weatherman is wrong. I need a teeny dose of global warming right over the Owlhaven. Either that or I’ll have to run hot tap water into the pool.

In other news, for those of you interested in EZ School Supplies, the code to get a 10% discount is EZMB001. They are also having a giveaway, and will be awarding ONE lucky teacher $1000 in school supplies. I am sure that your favorite teacher would be delighted to be entered into that drawings. Details coming at on Monday. The winner will be announced in late August.

And finally, the winner of the book Just Who Will You Be? is Debbie, commenter #7. Debbie, send me your address and I will head the book your way!


  1. Oh, I hope the perfect weather comes your way for the party!


  2. I know it’s a little late for tomorrow. But we always used “solar fish” in our pool growing up. Just google them and trust me, they work to warm up the pool! We used to get ours at a local pool supply store for like $10.

    Otherwise, am praying!

  3. Suzanne says:

    I’ll try and push our weather out your way…it is forecast for 99 degrees today and 100 degrees tomorrow and with heat indexes above 105 both days! Recommending not even going outside!