Product Review: Home Hero

11:09 PM. Time to write another blog post. This late at night it’s a wonder y’all get anything worth reading.

First I want to tell you about an incredibly LOUD smoke and carbon monoxide detector I was sent to review. It is the Home Hero, and not only does it scream at you, it also tells in both Spanish and English the exact nature of the threat you are facing when being so rudely awakened by its din. I’ve wondered before if we ought to get a carbon monoxide detector, so I am pleased to have this one. It looks like a good sturdy unit, and we certainly won’t be sleeping through any alarms it gives. At $47 it seems a little pricey, but I haven’t bought a smoke detector since we built our house 15 years ago, so I don’t know for sure.

The other item that Home Hero gave me information about is the Home Hero kitchen fire extinguisher. The literature described it as innovative, which (as the webpage was loading) caused Eldest to say, “How different can it be? It’s red, right?” Then the picture loaded and we both said, “Oh!” This fire extinguisher is very sleek and very white, and also supposedly very simple to use. I was given a Home Depot gift card to purchase my own, which I haven’t done yet. But when I do, I’ll update this post to let you know what I think of the actual product.


  1. Just so you know, Bloggy Giveaways is actually giving these away this week! I just came from there about 3 minutes ago, making my comment post to be entered.

  2. The fire extinguisher looks really small to me. Can’t wait to hear what it is actually like!