First swim

This deck is going to be awesome. See that corner way back under the tree? That’s where I’ll be spending my summer.

Testing the water — just right!

Waiting for dad to get enough deck nailed down. Kids paced around the pool all morning in their swimsuits and towels.

Bliss! (That is, if your idea of bliss is 69 degree water on an 80 degree day.)

Don’t you love the hat? Not sure why he decided to swim in it, but in my experience it is a rare boy’s hat that wouldn’t be improved by an application of chlorine and water.

This is the life!

Ah….now it’s summertime!


  1. great deck! How fun!!!! Oh man…that 2nd pic! I can’t believe how mature she’s getting!!!

  2. Fun, fun, fun!

  3. It’s good to know that they appreciate all of the hard work.

    Have fun!

  4. I think your husband needs to come do my deck around my pool. I’ll pay! 🙂

  5. Our little guy is anxiously waiting for BaBa to finish the pool this spring. Last year when we brought him home, the pool was already ready. All winter they’ve had weekly swims at the local high school, but nothing will compare to swimming back in his own pool again. It’s like your pool, the run around and make whirlpools kind. I think even more than whirlpools, he’ll be making memories.
    Love the look of impatience and then joy on your kids faces.
    Heather BT

  6. boomama says:

    Heaven. 🙂

  7. What fun! I can’t believe it’s warm enough to swim there…it’s still just barely shorts weather here and yesterday afternoon ended up in jackets again.

    Your kids look so happy!

  8. I lurve it. just lurve it.

  9. Looks awesome! Your kids are going to have the best summer ever!

  10. What a great pool! And where you live looks SO beautiful!

  11. jeannie says:

    he swam in the hat b/c he’s ‘the man’! (looks cute on him too). oh mary. you’ve got a pool!!

  12. I can’t believe you’re water is already 79 degrees!!! I live in Arizona and ours is barely in the 70s (granted we had hail and odd 60 degree temps last week….) What fun!

  13. You will have an awesome summer, all of you.

  14. I like your tree! But I bet you’re in that water too. Enjoy.

  15. yay!! hooray for the pool being finished!

  16. What fun your family will have this summer! What memories will be made! Enjoy!

  17. How great! 🙂

  18. I am on my way over. LOL. What a blast you guys are going to have all summer long. Enjoy!!

  19. Your daughter is so Beautiful! Enjoy your weather…we had frost last night here in MN!

  20. Jeanne A says:

    With the size of your garden you won’t be spending that much time under that tree!!!!

  21. Oops, Emily, it is actually SIXTY-nine degree water.


  22. Wow, you guys really got it done quickly! Very impressive, and very fun. Have a great summer!

  23. Ah, above-ground pools remind me of my Illinois childhood. *sigh* Good times. May your kids enjoy that pool all summer long!

  24. expectingamiracle says:

    Looks like total fun despite the fact that the water sounds awfully chilly.

    How deep is the pool?

  25. Wow!! That didn’t take long at all! Looks absolutely wonderful! 🙂 Great pics of the kids!!

  26. I love this! All that hard work and then relaxation. Happy swimming and happy summer!

  27. BRRRRRRR! But they look happy! Very happy indeed… glad you posted pictures. Y’all did a fab job!

    The shade and the perfect water and the view – love that view – and the happy kids!!! The best is the happy kids; I could hear them from here!

  29. um…not that i doubted for a second that you would get that done…but i am super impressed. i have a bathroom that needs a remodel…jcn

  30. We had one of those when I was a kid. It was heated by a black plastic cover and some tubing coiled on the roof. The result was that the top two inches were 100 degrees and the bottom was at 60. My job was to get in and get the whirlpool started to mix things up. I can still feel the scalding armpits…

    Your gang should get things mixed in no time!