The pool in numbers


(Used but good quality) 18′ pool–$250.
Small backhoe (4 hour rental)– $160
New liner–$180
Chemicals and test kit–$40
Concrete and deck posts–$120
Tarp underlayment– $50
Sand for underlayment– $20
New skimmer for pool –$40
$860 so far (this will probably total $1200 by the time we buy the rest of the deck wood)

    Time (multiple people working simultaneously in most cases)

Level site– 8+ hours (5 by hand, 3 with backhoe– one side was 19″ higher than the other!)
Setting and leveling pavers for posts–3 hours
Spreading sand– 2 hours
Digging post holes for deck posts– 2 hours
Sorting filter and pump parts and scratching our heads – 1 hour
Web-searching for photos and instructions– 3 hours
Driving to pool supply store 3 times this week– 3 hours
Phoning pool supply store (they know me now) — 15 minutes
Setting up pool and liner– 4 hours
Smoothing liner and cutting holes in liner for pump/filter– 1 hour
Filling pool (finally, a passive task!)– 4 hours so far and it is only 1/4 full
30+ hours spent (still have 90% of deck to build).


Here’s the crazy thing. Despite the time and energy already spent, and the time and expense still ahead of us, we are just thrilled about this project! I can’t wait to see the kids swimming!! I’ll share pictures later!!


  1. Priceless.


  2. You know, we had a big above ground pool when I was growing up and my brothers and I and our friends spent the entire summer in it. We’d get up every morning and put on a swimming suit and stay in it all day, swimming and drying off on the hot concrete about 20 times. It was the place where all the neighborhood kids hung out. Those were some good times. Y’all are going to make some great memories in that pool.

  3. That pool will be so cool! And the memories you are making and will make will be priceless!

    Love your blog – thanks for sharing.

  4. oh my gosh! the kids are going to SO appreciate swimming in it during those hot summer days. 🙂

  5. Hang in there! Looks like you’re making great progress.

  6. Just recently found your blog and i’m really enjoying reading about you and your wonderful family! The pool looks wonderful! I’m sure every ounce of hard work will be worth it in the end!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the ‘finished product’!

  7. You are all going to have such a wonderful time in that pool! My aunt and uncle had one when we were growing up and we spent every minute in it when we were at their house. All of you are going to absolutely love it.

  8. Oh my! How exciting – I am sure it’s exhausting right now, but you’ll make up for with all of relaxation you’ll be doing before you know it!

    Can I come over?

  9. I cant wait to see the finished project. It will be a nice cool and fun summer for your family.

  10. My great aunt and uncle put one of these in when I was very little, with a deck and everything. As far as I know they still have it. It was there two years ago when I visited. We had a blast in it for literally decades.

    So I think it will pay off many times over for you.

  11. oh my. well – if anyone can accomplish this – you guys can. enjoy! and i’m glad you have the pictures of the process. xo