So sad for this family

I am just heartsick over this news. Please pray for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. His Cinderella went to be with Jesus today.


  1. Our family has been personally touched by Steven Curtis Champan, as his adoption grant foundation (Shaohanna’s Hope) helped pay for the costs of one of our adoptions. Our prayers are with his family.

  2. I just read about this tragedy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy.

  3. multi-taskingmom says:

    I just read this and I have no words only tears.

  4. Jeanne A says:

    The words in the Cinderella song—–all too soon she’ll be gone.

    I can’t stop crying—thinking of all the things their family is going through and thinking of no own teenage sons with their driver’s licenses and learning permits and my own young daughters.

  5. Heartbreaking beyond words. I ache for them all. May God be with their teenage son as he struggles with the agony he must be going through…I pray God wraps his arms around him.

    Bless all their hearts.

  6. I’m heartbroken over this, Mary. I thought I was going to be sick when Jason told me he got the email last night. I haven’t been able to stop thinking and praying for them. Thanks for gathering prayer warriors on their behalf!!

  7. I know, Jeanne. Me too. Just yesterday I signed my son up for driver’s ed. And my little girls are 5 and 3. It is wretchedly sad.


  8. No words, only tears. I just can’t believe it.

  9. Oh, my goodness. What a terrible thing to happen. They are in my prayers. 🙁

  10. I put something on my blog as well. The Chapman family is in our prayers.

  11. mamapeter says:

    Been praying since I heard, can’t get them off my mind. I have a dear one, almost 12, from China, and a teen son, and cannot imagine the loss or the horror their young man must be going through. A challenge to this family, for sure.

  12. Michelle says:

    Oh no. That’s horrible. I can’t even imagine. My thoughts and prayers will be with them.

  13. Oh that poor family! My heart breaks for them, most especially for their teenage son. What a terrible burden he will carry for the rest of his life. It was an accident and one that he will probably always carry with him. I pray that the loving arms of our Father will carry each of them through this terrible ordeal.

  14. We have two daughters from China and are in the process of adopting a third. Through adoption, I have felt such a link with the Chapman family. Why, why, why? Such a futile question, yet I cannot leave it alone.

    Lord have mercy on this family. Comfort them, especially their son. Thy will be done.

  15. Our family is saddened by their loss also. We met him back in March as our family received his Show Hope offering during one of his concerts. He is such a great guy, so personable and loving, he geniunely cares for each person he meets. What a blessing he and Mary Beth have been for orphans around the world. They have helped many families give an orphaned child a forever home. We can take comfort in knowing that the Chapman’s have Christ to lean on during this difficult time. For whatever reason (only God knows) this tragedy happened, it was not an accident on God’s part. Let us all come together and pray for this dear family….