Yard sale winners

Well, you people made me doubt my bargain-finding abilities! I actually paid $40.50 for all those goodies. So that means Holly($40.01) and Beth ($42.00) are the winners of the one month Netflix trials. If you will send me your snail mail addresses I will get those gift cards in the mail to you.

Now, in case you haven’t had enough of guessing, and/or you’d like another shot at a Netflix trial, here’s another heap of yard sale stuff. You have until Tuesday to guess this one. The closest two guesses will win a one month Netflix trial.

In this batch we have 5 shirts, one sweatshirt, two pairs of shorts, a tiny ceramic tea set in a bag, a camera case, a shawl, a pair of shoes, an action figure, a dolly bottle, a tote bag, and a yard or so of flannel fabric.

Ready, set, guess!


  1. I was way off for the last one, so my guess for this take is $13.75. Hope you have a wonderful weekend of celebrating the graduate!

  2. ok, I’ll try again. $19.50
    Thanks for the fun and have a great celebration weekend!!

  3. I was so far off I’m not even gonna guess. Oh well, crud, yes I will. $16.25. And that is my final offer.

  4. Jeanne A says:


  5. $18.75?

    I really haven’t done much yard sale-ing, so I’m not sure if that would be a good deal or not!

  6. $15.10

  7. Ah Ha! I KNEW I was the YARD SALING QUEEN!

    I ain’t got much, baby, but I’ve got a special yard saling gene.

    (Well, that, and 8 kids to buy for….) 🙂

    Thank you, Mary!

  8. $7.75 for the loot. 🙂

  9. $9.25

  10. What a fun idea! I guess $7.50.

  11. 15.25?

  12. $8.75…..love yard sales!!

  13. bilanguul says:

    i’ll guess 20$ and its final hun

  14. $12.75 ?

  15. Lets try $18.25.

  16. i’m going to say $20.50.

  17. 11.75

  18. $12.50, maybe?

  19. I’ll guess $18. What I really want to know is if that is, in fact, a blue onsie shirt on the right there. If it is, either dolly’s going to be well fed AND dressed or you have some news for us! ; )

  20. becomingamama says:

    I’ll guess $9 even 🙂

  21. 9.65. Cutey-cute tea set!

  22. I’ll guess $11.25.

  23. I was going to guess $11.25… but so did the person ahead of me. So I’ll guess $13.75. Sorry I guessed too low last time.

  24. $8.25

  25. I’ll guess $12.75. I’ve just started seeing the yard sale signs around and am getting the itch to yard sale – perhaps next weekend!

  26. $13.00 is my guess.

  27. I’m going with $18.50 🙂

  28. expectingamiracle says:


  29. Kathrin from Germany says:

    15.23? Am I any close?

  30. $8.50 🙂

  31. $8.85

  32. I am guessing $24.36.

  33. $12.25
    I love to shop at garage sales!!

  34. I am gonna guess $13.25. I am praying for better luck this time!


  35. Christy H. says:

    I’m going to guess $7.10

  36. I’ll guess $7.50.

  37. I love games:)

  38. MY guess is $9.10! Such great deals at yard sales!!

  39. My Guess is $17.25. 🙂