The start of this year’s garden

120 tomato plants, being transplanted by my hubby from seed packs into yogurt containers.

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  1. Deanna says:

    What do you do with all your tomatoes? I can’t wait to get my hands dirty as well.

  2. 120? WOW! Why into yogurt containers?

  3. Way to go! 120~ that’s awesome. I got some fun pix of our gardening up recently, too. Talk about helping the old budget~it saves us a bundle in groceries. And my kids even eat beets now. They’ll try almost anything if they get to plant it, water it, and pick it. Happy gardening to your family! I hope you have a bumper crop.

  4. I finally planted my gladiolas today! Well, some of them anyway. Feels lovely to be in the sun digging again!

  5. Oh, please keep us updated on your gardening! I am planting my first itty-bitty garden this spring, and need instruction and inspiration!

  6. Some day I hope to do some planting, which will probably be around the same time, I imagine, my husband and I have our first house and first batch of kidlets. I love marinara sauce! I wonder how it’s made?

  7. That’s fantastic ! You must have a pretty huge garden patch. I have FOUR tomato plants in my back yard ! 🙂 ha ha

  8. Mary,

    Speaking of gardening…..first, what kind of tomatoes do you plant? I love to can so I want to have the best kind of tomato for juice, soup, etc. I have been using “Celebrity”. I am courious as to what you use…geesh, 120 plants, you must have a monster garden 🙂 I thought my 30 was a lot! Also, you mentioned in a past post about pruning fruit trees. I have apples, peaches, plums and cherry trees too. I have used a commercial spray in the past (not organic) and I would like to try to use something not as harsh on my trees to prevent those nasty little worms. Do you spray? If so, what do you use? Just super curious! Thanks for your response! , “A Darling Life”

  9. Um. I have five tomato plants. And a couple of flats of beans, Swiss chard, bell peppers, and cucumbers. Your 120 tomato plants have my jaw hanging open!

  10. So beautiful to see–a man’s hands holding delicate plants.

    I’m missing my daddy sumthin feerse ….

  11. expectingamiracle says:

    I envision much canning in your future. 😉

    But, mmm….salsa.

  12. Wow! 120 plants, that is a lot of tomatoes! are you planting anything else?

  13. awesome! we actually have one tomato plant growing in a pot this year on our deck for our daughter to learn from. i hope they turn out like yours! enjoy!!

  14. I remember when we lived in St. Louis and had a yard… one summer I planted a bunch of tomato plants and we were in heaven all summer long with tons of tomatoes to enjoy! I miss having a yard so much right now… Enjoy yours! 🙂

  15. I’m wondering why they are going into yogurt containers, too. 120 plants!!! Wow! What a bounty you will have! I am dying to know more about your garden – size and other plants, etc. I’m hoping for lots of photos of it as it progresses.
    My blog has gardening pictures if you would care to see. I planted tomatoes from seed. Six of the eight ‘spots’ came up and lived. As soon as they were up, I put huge tomato cages over them, to keep them from getting trampled. But it sure looked funny with a giant cage over the top of a tiny seedling. We have been eating mesclun and rainbow chard for awhile, now, and a few onion tops too. The squash are coming on, as are the bell peppers. The watermelon (only 1 hill planted!) didn’t make it. It will be awhile before the okra start producing… We have volunteer re-seeded basil coming up EVERYWHERE. Lots of other herbs too, in the herb garden.

  16. He moves the plants because they’re getting too big for the starter packets now, but around here it can still possibly freeze at night for a couple more weeks. They are Beefy Boy, Romas, Prudens Purple, Brandywine, yellow pear, and Sungold cherry tomatoes.