Book giveaway winner. And CNN.

It is not too often that I toss out so many posts in one day, but this has turned out to be an interesting day. First I wanted to announce the winner of the book “A Mother’s Heart Knows“– Lainey of Blog in My Eye.

Second, CNN has also been writing about rising food costs. They mentioned the Frugal cooking carnival on their morning show today and have asked to interview me live via phone tomorrow. If you happen to catch CNN sometime between 2 and 3 pm Eastern time on Saturday, and happen to hear a woman with a very shaky voice yakking away about grocery shopping, say a prayer for me. I have plenty to say on this topic. But getting it out intelligibly over the phone– eek.

Oh, and if you have an affordable recipe or two to share, please feel free to add your blog– it’s not too late to join this carnival!

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  1. How exciting! Congratulations…and you’ll be fine. Even if your voice shakes and you completely freeze, it will only seem like the end of the world for a few days. Then you will laugh about it. 🙂

  2. Oh my Gosh! Thanks for telling us- I can’t wait to tune it. You’ll be great. CNN… you’ve hit the Big Time, girl! Congrats and blessings 😉

  3. Mary! That’s so awesome! Good for you!

  4. So awesome! Praying.

  5. Yay! And plug the book too, right? Plug away, lady! 🙂 Or does that sound too crass? (P.S. You are an expert on the subject of food prices and frugal cooking, so hold that head up and speak with authority. I’ll be rootin’ for you!)

  6. Wow! I’m excited to see the book…and excited for your network news debut!

  7. I just saw a story about your website on CNN! i had to check it out. looks like my kind of place. I have always loved saving money – I feel like I am “getting over” on the marketing people who so desperately try to separate all of us from our money. I have always said that even if I were the richest person in the world – I do not think I could pay full retail for things.

    congrats on making the “big time” and I am happy to have found you.

  8. Just heard CNN mention you and show your wonderful family picture! Also, your ways of saving on grocery bills. I hurried to my computer and here I am on your website. I’ll be watching later today. Just be your wonderful self and you’ll be great!

  9. THanks for a great way to say money and l’ll be watching you on cnn. A penny saved is in my pocket to buy something else or save for a rainy day… Have a great day

  10. just caugt the end of your interview on CNN…great job!

  11. Just saw you on CNN. You are truly an inspiration! As a stay-at-home-mom myself, I’m always looking for ways to cut costs and cook for less. Can’t wait to read all about how you manage to feed your (HUGE!) family on a shoestring budget.

  12. Hi. Just heard you on CNN. Great story and blog. I’m sure my readers would love to check out your blog so I’ll be sharing a link to your blog soon. Thanks. PT

  13. Had never heard of your website but saw the story on CNN. I put you on my favorites! Lots of good info.

  14. Wow!! Mary, that is so cool!!! I missed the CNN interview but am positive you did beautifully.

  15. Wow, that is great news. I wish I had heard the broadcast.

  16. i can’t believe i missed it! didn’t go online all day until just now. ergh. i’m sure you were amazing and i remain prez of your fan club! xoxox