Don’t forget!

The Frugal Cooking Carnival is coming Friday, April 25th! I may be wrong, but I am guessing that more people will be READING this carnival than will be participating. So that means that those of you who contribute a link will probably get a good bit of traffic from this carnival. (And yes, that is my sneaky attempt to encourage YOU to participate!) I am really hoping a lot of people will prove my hunch wrong and share their ideas, so tell people, OK??? And get cooking!

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  1. I’m ready with 2 recipes so far!

  2. I’m in!

  3. I am just remembering to post the button on my blog -I am so excited about this! Frugal meals have been on my mind a lot so this timing is perfect. Thanks!

  4. This is information that is SO needed right now. I want to participate and I’ll put one or two recipes on my regular blog as well as posting them on my recipe blog (where I “park” recipes so they are easy to locate).

  5. I’ll get the button posted and start working on some recipes. I’d love to participate…and not just for the traffic, but I need some fresh ideas!

  6. kelli in the mirror says:

    I’ll definitely be reading. 🙂 Not sure yet about participating. I have this fear that it won’t be “frugal enough”- my grocery list used to include a lot of prepared food and expensive things, and I’m working really hard on making changes. I think people who’ve been doing frugal cooking for awhile would not think my stuff is there yet. But every bit helps, right?