Weighing packaging: (maybe) a dumb question?

Lately I’ve decided to get a little more particular about where I buy food in hopes of saving a bit of money. Years ago I used to shop with a price book, and I know it helped. I’ve got one going again, and am having fun figuring out where things are cheapest.

But it has raised a question. when you are looking at the various sizes and brands on a shelf, does the price per ounce include the price of the packaging? yesterday I was at the dollar store and was thrilled to see an 8 ounce bottle of extra virgin olive oil for a buck. But the bottle was glass and I immediately wondered if that weight was figured in. Now that I write out this question, it doesn’t seem logical that they would include it, but maybe someone could answer me for sure?

Side note: when I checked my price book I figured out that the olive oil at the dollar store was 12 cents/oz and what I bought most recently was 34 cents. I was thrilled until my sharp-eyed 10 year old daughter said, “Is it the same?”

Turns out my dollar store olive oil was half canola. Ironically, that is how I usually use olive oil anyway. And once I get a price on canola, I can figure out if my blend is a better price than their blend. In any case it was disappointing to learn that my bargain was not so much.

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  1. Check the label and see if it says 8 fl. oz., which means 8 fluid ounces. That kind of measurement that includes the “fl.” is for measuring fluids, not weights, and thus does not include the weight of the packaging.

  2. It never ever includes the weight of the packaging. The weight on the front is always the weight of the CONTENTS. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. texasknights says:

    Interesting. I thought the weight was only the contents. No proof, just my assumption. )

  4. I am in the process of making a price book also. Great minds think alike! I have been surprised that there is very little difference in price between Save A Lot and Wal Mart. I thought there was a bigger difference. It’ll take a while to get everything in, but I am looking forward to actually pricing how much each MEAL costs. That will be the clincher!

  5. Well Becky beat me to my answer…. fluid ounces.
    Usually though with weight ounces I think they zero out the scale with the package then just weigh the contents.