Works for Me: an affordable king sized bed

Over the years it has been a rare time indeed when we haven’t had a little one either sleeping with us all night or climbing in for a cuddle in the wee hours of the morning. Fairly early on, we sprang for the cheapest king-sized bed we could find. I think it was $500 back in 1990. It hung in there for 15 years or so, but a couple years ago we decided it was time for a new bed. We were appalled to realize that we’d now be looking at $1000 or more just for a ‘budget’ mattress. Plus we’d be forced to buy the mattress in a set with new box springs, which we really didn’t need.

After hemming and hawing over the purchase for quite awhile, we went non-traditional. We bought two nice quality SINGLE mattresses (no box springs) at Costco for $120 each. We then bought a good king-sized foam topper for $180, also from Costco, for a total cost of $420. We put the whole shebang onto our old king-sized box springs, with the memory foam thingie on top, and made up the bed in the normal way. The mattress pad, fitted sheet and foam topper do a great job of keeping the two single mattresses from drifting apart and the seam can barely be felt in the night. It might not work for the girl in :The Princess and the Pea” but it works just fine for me!

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  1. Great idea! They do this in hotels and cruise ships all the time, too. I’m definitely going to remember this when our bed bites the big one. Thanks!

  2. Great idea! We got our last mattress set for free, but we’ll definitely be doing this next time. What an incredible savings.

  3. That’s a great idea!

  4. expectingamiracle says:

    We did the same thing for our guest bedroom. It cost hundreds of dollars less!

  5. That is very normal in Europe. It’s called lits-jumeaux (beds brought together). Sounds fancier, doesn’t it?

  6. My parents did the same thing when they were first married. The setup worked great for them for 40 years!

  7. This is a fantastic idea, and I think we may copy it someday soon.

    I also like Nic’s comment with the fancy French term.

  8. Wow, that is very cool. We have never bought a new mattress–they have all been given to us but we will keep that in mind.

  9. Michelle says:

    That is an awesome idea! Our very expensive mattress barely made it 2 years before it had major lumps in it, and there is no way we can afford another $1,200 on a new one!

  10. I love the idea! We’re in the market for a king size bed too. I might have to convince the hubby on this one, but I’m gonna try. 🙂

  11. Very creative!!!

  12. there is also actually a thingamajig that you can buy for not a lot of money that attahces the 2 mattresses together-there is one that fits between the 2 down the “crack” and kind of makes a bridge over the two to make one surface and another kind that actually had straps that you can put around the mattresses that hook them together, like a luggage strap typre thing-and all would be un-noticable under all the bedding, too-it is so crazy how much mattresses cost!!!!! I read an article about buying a good mattress w/o spending a lot of money and they considered $1500 to be the bare minimum “budget model”-what?!?! that was for a QUEEN mattress-yikes!

  13. I actually just ordered 2 twins for our “King”. My reason was that we had to bend our king mattress when we moved into this house because of the staircase. It was an oldie so I didn’t mind. I certainly was not going to bend a brand new mattress!

  14. runningamuck says:

    I have a queen but I think this is a great idea! Good thinking. And I like Susan’s comment about being able to get the twins up the stairs a whole lot easier than a king.

  15. We bought a high density foam mattress with a memory foam topper at Walmart for $350 or so. King size.

    In the end, MY husband found the memory foam too soft and I love it. (We’ll never buy springs again, it’s just not worth it and the bed moves too much with many people in it.) I took an exacto knife and cut the bed straight down the middle, flipped his side over so the firm foam was on top and then zipped the whole thing back up in the cover that it came in. We’ve both been happy ever since.

    When it’s time to rotate the mattress I just flip his over for me and flip my side over for him.

  16. As mentioned above: very common in Germany/Europe. good thing: everyone can have the matress that is best for him or her re soft or hard. But we wanted one BIG matress in our bed and got one- not a lot of choice as well as for the fitted sheets in our size and more expensive than two regular ones… but we like it better this way!