Wonderpets on Nickleodeon

Maybe we are weird, but John and I have never seriously considered getting cable TV. I’m okay with only seeing Rachael Ray on the cover of the cookbooks my sister loaned me. I confess, I get the occasional pang when my sis mentions some cool HGTV show. I’d love to watch Adoption Story, or maybe Baby Story. Still most days, frankly, I’d rather have the money.

But Nickelodeon…why does Nick Jr have to be on cable?? Nick cartoons are my very fave. I’ve mentioned before my love for Backyardigans. Recently I was asked to review a Wonder Pets show. It is scheduled to air on Monday, April 21st on Nickelodeon, and it is called Save the Beetles! The kids and I watched this and thought it was really fun. I’d heard of Wonder Pets before and truly wasn’t expecting much, but I ended up liking it a lot.

April 21st. 7pm on Nickelodeon. Tivo it for me. (Oops, just remembered– I already have a copy. Hooray!)

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  1. I’m glad we don’t have Nick Jr. because limiting the TV time is a whole lot easier without it!

    I think I’d like to watch “Jon and Kate Plus 8”.

  2. You can find Nick Jr. videos on their website: nickjr.com/playtime/cats/video/index.jhtml, including clips from The Backyardigans, a sneak peek of The Wonder Pets: Save the Beetles, and two full Wonder Pets episodes (as well as a bunch of other stuff).

  3. We don’t have cable and haven’t for years. I would watch way to my home improvement and science shows. 🙂 I do love Nick Jr though–the kids watch a lot of the short videos on NickJr. com.

  4. I wish we would have never gotten cable because now we have been talking about getting rid of it for the last 3 months and it’s always harder to go back. It’s really silly too cuz there’s only a few shows we watch and we have 1/2 the channels blocked out. Although Hubby does love his ESPN. And like Amy said, you can see most things on the web now. You’re really not missing much!

  5. The Wonderpets is a darling show. I love the music, the animation, and Ming Ming.

    MY HUSBAND is the one who asked if we were going to record the Beetles episode.

  6. My kids LOVE the Wonder Pets. They can’t get enough of them.

  7. One of the first songs Bean learned on her own and sang out of the blue was a Wonder Pets Song… “Don’t worry baby mouse, it’s gonna be okay, ’cause Mingaming is comin’ to save the daaaaaaaaaaaaay!” So sweet! Love it. We don’t get to see many episodes because while we do have cable, we have the most basic, and Nick isn’t included.

  8. We have cable, but only because it is a package deal and includes our internet and phone. We rarely have the tv on, but my kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Backyardigans and even play it out in our own backyard. Their ages? 6 1/2 and 4…

    We’ve never seen Wonderpets, though. Maybe we should?

  9. r r mama says:

    My youngest LOVES the Wonderpets. Every time the phone rings he starts to sing….the phone, the phone is ringing, there’s animal in trouble…. He knows all the words. He also likes the Backyardigans as do I. I saw the preview for the new episode of The Wonder Pets Save the Beetles. I can’t wait to see it, it looked so cute.

  10. We don’t have cable either, but my grandparents do…so I can say from experience – don’t be surprised one day when you find yourself in the middle of the dairy section at the grocery store or the clothing section of Stuff Mart or pumping gas…singing the Wonderpets song, and you can.not.stop!

  11. Yes, we sold our tv last weekend and seriously I think we are all going through Backyardigans withdrawal!!! Your kids might have fun on nickjr.com – my son loves the wonderpets and Backyardigans games. 😉