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Rather than answering your questions in comments and maybe having people not see my answers, I thought I’d just write here. 

First of all– the food processer question.  90% of the time I use the processor to chop onions.  Y’all might remember that we ‘glean’ onions every fall.  They’re rejected by the seed company for being too big or too small.  We pick them up for free by the bushel, then wrap them in newspaper and store them in the garage to use all winter.  This year we got so many that I still have 20 or so left.  And that is after using onions lavishly all winter. 

Ethiopian cooking takes lots of onions. I also add onions to spaghetti sauce.  We commonly will puree 4 or 5 onions for a single meal.  Sometimes I will also toss in a carrot or two.  The veggies add bulk, nutrition and flavor to recipes, and when I puree them, even the pickier kids eat the onions without trouble. 

So.  Onions.  They spelled the demise of my food processer.  However, my sister just emailed me saying she never uses hers and it is mine.  Isn’t God good?

 Also some of you were asking about my book.    The working title is ‘The Sane Woman’s Guide to Mothering a Larger Family.’  That title may be changed…we’ll see what the marketing people say.   As odd as it seems, the title is not something that the author gets to decide.  But the book covers lots of the issues that people wonder about when considering another child —  finances, space, people’s reactions— as well as the practical issues you face in the midst of parenting a a family of more than a couple kids, such as dealing with sibling fights, juggling multiple activities, finding private time to recharge, and treating kids like individuals.  I’m so excited to share it with you, so thanks for asking about it!!!

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  1. Mmmm… we’re an onion family too. I don’t use quite as many as you, but all of us are less than half of you so I guess that follows! 🙂

  2. I love to puree vegetables into spaghetti sauce and sometimes into soups. It gives me this queer sort of satisfaction to sneak “yucky” vegetables into my picky kids!

    I am looking forward to reading your book… and I am not just saying that! Having only six kids and coming from a family of six myself and my husband being one of eight, I don’t feel like six is all that big– although I realize that most of our society is not geared to big families, cars, organized sports, public opinion, etc…

    Anyway, all that to say, I am interested in efficiently and successfully managing a bigger family as well as presenting ourselves well in the public eye. I don’t want our family to scare others off from adopting; I want us to be an inspiration!

  3. I most certainly will be buying your book!

    I have a food processor that I have only used once. I might drag it out and give it a whirl again though after reading your post. I guess I just hated the clean up involved with it.

  4. I’d love you to post some segments of your up coming book for feedback and additional suggestions as their is quiet a pool of experience from Mom’s of other large families.

    We are parenting and educating seven amazing children and still plan to add to our brood through adoption. I agree a large family is all perspective.

    I’m on an international adoption board and there was a big family question. People that had three children felt they had experience to answer the question. Hmmm! Perspective!!

  5. Having adopted two children from Ethiopia, I know what you mean about onions, and .. bebere, meatmeeta, and on and on. !!!! Have you found a way to make injera?? That is my next thing to conquer! But thankfully, the boys are becoming very Americanized and love everything! I am so blessed. I so look forward to your book – it sounds wonderful, and I want to get my hands on it. Right now we only have five (8 to 13), but are hoping and praying for more! It is up to God at this point!
    Love your blog!
    Christy in WI
    Mom to the tribe of five
    Wife to the best guy in the world

  6. Hello-

    I came across your blog by way of Keeper Of the Home. I was very blessed to find you’ve adopted and look forward to when I have some more time to read more about your story.

    My husband and I have 2 biological children and have had a heart for adoption. We’re still working through what is right for our family, but I’m excited to glean what I can from your writings.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. oh, i’m so excited for you! it must be an amazing feeling to be having a book published! wow. 🙂 congratulations again.