Your advice please

My poor tired food processer gave up the other day.  No wonder.  I use it probably 5 days a week, sometimes twice in one day.  Now I need a replacement, and I’m hoping y’all can recommend something big and strong and affordable, say in the under-$100 range.  Or, failing that, at least something big and strong and WORTH my money.

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  1. I don’t even use mine. You can have it as far as I’m concerned. Email me your snail mail and I’ll ship it to you. It’s only been used once in the 6 years I’ve had it and sits unused beneath my microwave…sadly neglected.

  2. Get a Vitamix. I’ve been wanting one, because I use my food processor profusely, and I just know it’s gonna give up the ghost soon. My sis has a Vitamix, and she just loves it. It’s really expesnive, but I hear it’ll work forEVER.

  3. I am in love, in love, IN LOVE with my Kitchen Aid one. And, if you catch it at BBB or Lowes or HD or one of those places with a 20% off coupon, even better. I got mine on clearance at Tarzhay.

  4. simplejill says:

    I have a kitchen aid one as well and have used it almost daily for 10 yrs and it’s still going strong.

  5. We broke down and got a Bosch 5 years ago. It had a lifetime guarantee and it is still going strong after being used at least 5 times a week and most days more. It isn’t under a $100 but it was well worth it.

  6. We have a vita mix and have had it for 13 years we use it daily and it is still going strong! It has many applications beyond a food processor. Two of which are a whole food juicer and a wheat grinder.

    My kids LOVE the juice!

  7. The Kitchen Aid one is fabulous! Got a good deal on mine from Mervyns when they had all sorts of sales and extra coupons. I also have the vitamix (got that at Costco which saved some) which is incredible, but mostly use that for smoothies, ice cream, soups, baby food, etc.

  8. You are welcome to mine, too. I never use it. It’s a Black & Decker Quick & Easy (I’m sure not as nice as the KitchenAid that others have recommended). I bought it 3 years ago and have used it maybe a handful of times since then. Got it for grating cheese, but now just buy grated cheese. [:-) It has all the basic blades, but no juicer. Let me know if you want me to get it to you.

  9. I vote Cuisinart or Bosch. I have a Bosch universal kitchen machine and the thing is indestructable.

  10. Heather Reu says:

    I love my kitchenaid! It makes fabulous hummas and pesto, great for mising up natural peanut butter, etc. I second the recommendation to get it at BBB or Linens and things when they put that 20% off coupon in the Sunday paper!

  11. Ok, I have one that I have used once. I am wondering what the heck you are making that you used yours twice a day. Please do tell us!!
    Frugal Carol

  12. I use mine 3-4 times a week. I bought it two years ago for $35 at Target and then learned that it was only $27 at Walmart. It’s the Black and Decker one – and it works great for basic stuff – cheese grating and veggie chopping and for making salsa, hummus, or pizza dough.

    I haven’t used it for anything more exciting that that, though.

  13. I only own a teensy “mini prep” one that we got as a wedding gift. What DO you process with such frequency?

  14. Cuisinart is the best. Go with 7 cup one (it has multiple attachments)(cost about $150). If you like smoothies then Vita Mix is excellent choice (cost around $ 400). While technically it’s a blender, it boosts 2 hp motor and is extremely capable as chopper, grinder and bread dough mixer. No nifty attachments though.
    Good luck.
    P.S. Love your blog.

  15. Costco has a good buy on a Cuisinart! I really like mine!

  16. I vote for Cuisinart as well. I’ve had my 7 cupper for 20 years now, and while I’ve not used it every day, I’ve used it a lot. So much that I stress cracked the bowl and had to buy a new one on ebay recently, but the motor is still going strong.

  17. I recommend the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 14-Cup Food Processor. I wrote about why I like it here:

    You can find it at Walmart, for about $65. I have a Vita Mix also, but for the under $100 and a large family, I think this one is excellent.

  18. Cuisinart all the way, baby! I’ve used mine for 11+ years, and it’s still kickin’! My grandma has one that she’s had for lots longer, and it’s in great shape! The attachments are great – we use ours for all sorts of stuff – even making pizza crust and bread dough! 🙂

  19. I think the Vitamix might not be a bad idea, certainly (or the BlendTec, which has some advantages and is also $400). But if you want a traditional food processor, I’d agree that BOsch is the way to go. KitchenAid’s quality has really suffered in the last 10 years or so, sigh.

  20. plainkids says:

    I have used the 11 cup Kitchen Aid for years, but last month a piece snapped off, and I could no longer use it without inserting a knife in just the right position to get it to start. So… I called Kitchen Aid and they sold me a reconditioned (It looked brand new!) for $100. I love it, and use it at least once a day. They have specials all the time, and I am sure you can get one even if you aren’t a previous customer.