Outback Steakhouse ‘freebies’

If you happen to enjoy eating at Outback, you may want to visit sometime between now and the end of April.  They currently have some special menu items, which, if ordered along with a Coke Zero, will score you:

— One of four Coca-Cola Zero NCAA commemorative glasses

–A gift certificate for a Bloomin’ Onion

–And the chance to win tickets to next year’s NCAA Men’s Final Four

 For more info. and sweepstakes rules visit here: www.cokezero.com/ncaa/outback

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  1. All I can say is, if you want a steak go to outback.

  2. Tommie Chaisson says:

    Outback is the bomb.The best steaks ever

  3. twice we have been at outback in ner london ct in the last two weeks and both time we were refused a coke zero glass and a chance to win tickets we were told we must buy a full meal and not a hamburger by our waiter this is not stated on the coupon and i believe it is wrong,

  4. Carlos L says:

    Tried the Outback Special with the Coke Zero. Steak and shrimp and the other Seafood Combo. Boy what a feast.

  5. james corning says:

    very good food and service.

  6. Great ribeye.Great service

  7. v. garcia says:

    great food, great service

  8. Great food and the steaks are wonderful.

  9. D. REGAN says:

    I found out that you do not have to spend a fortune on a good steak

  10. I have been trying to enter the coke zero final four contest
    and cannot get the website to come up.

  11. We love eating at the outback,we have been coming every cents our baby katie ,,is 7 years old now ,,she can eat 4 ,,rolls of wheat bread,and butter by her self,,GO OUTBACK,,we love you,,,,the bush family

  12. Same as #10 ~ how do they expect us to enter the sweepstakes when you can’t pull up the website!!

  13. Anne Crawford says:

    Same as # 10 and 12. The address they give is the one we are on !! I went to the Outback in Bellingham MA tonight. First time we didn’t have to wait for an hour. I love that blue chesse chopped salad..

  14. Anne Crawford says:

    OK everyone I found the place to enter the sweepstakes . You go under the heading of : The Coke Zero Outback Steakhouse Sweepstakes. Once you click on that a small box will come up and you enter your name , address, and code on your ticket. Remember this is only to enter a CHANCE to win a prize. At the restuarant they told us we would win a prize with our code. They should make the directions clearer. Sorry I spelled cheese wrong in my other post.. Yikes !!

  15. one word to describe outback & zero coke: SUPER