Making sure there’s time for what’s really important

I’ve been reading your comments about my camping dilemma with great interest. Thank you so much. Then this morning’s post from Holy Experience reminded me that the small important interactions are the first things that go by the wayside when I get too busy…


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  1. Thank you Mary. I needed the reminder too.

  2. kimberly says:

    Thank you and often I have to remind myself I will have time later when my children are not needing me. These are times we never get to replace again and I so appreciate your wisdom. It is hard to keep the main things the main things–I struggle with that and it is usually around church things??? Not sure why that area is harder than the rest. Take care and thank you for being so honest with us.

  3. I think I struggle around church things because they are so worthy of doing. The choice between serving our family and serving the church can be difficult. As a child raised by missionaries, I have seen how hard it is, maybe especially for those who are in “full-time” ministry (I put this in quotes because I believe we are all in full-time ministry as Christians). We feel the needs of others and want to serve, but we must remember that even our Savior did not heal every sick person, feed every hungry person, or raise every dead person while He was on earth. He also took time to rest and recuperate.


  4. As I was reading about your dilemma, it reminded me of the many many times we have found ourselves in the same boat. My husband currently is the cubmaster of the scout troop at church. We are also the Childrens Church leaders as well. Without even realizing it, for years, we would step up and do something because it seemed to be a dropped ball. I mean if we didnt do it, who in the world would do it? We didnt want the experience to go south for our family and others just because no one was stepping up. But it turns out, I think we stepped in sometimes too soon. I think we were taking opportuniities away from others. As with our many cubscout campouts, we have each den be responsible for an entire meal throughout the weekend. It works well and the stress is not on one particular group the whole time. We treat the scout pack as a family and just as we all have family jobs, so does each little scout. We do have a Grubmaster who oversees it all and stores the food, etc. It is a job he prefers and wants. If this is not something you feel called to do, then there must be a GrubMaster out there who has not stepped forth. The Lord has surely called us all to use our giftings to the fullest. However, just because we have the gift doesnt necessarily mean we are supposed to use it every time in every circumstance. That, my friend, will be between you and Him. He will surely guide you to the right choice. Sounds like a fabulous time for your family.