Review: Let’s Start Smart multiplication

Not long ago I got a learning materials sample from Let’s Start Smart.   This one contained a DVD and a CD to help kids learn their multiplication.   In our homeschool, I consider it essential that kids get their multiplication down pat.   This program drills kids in a lively entertaining way with music.  I liked that you can listen to the CD in the car, since that would really maximize your drive time. The materials suggest that you might also try playing this at home any time kids are in the room, even if they’re doing something else.  They’ll learn it just by hearing it, without even consciously paying attention.  If your kids are struggling to learn their times tables you might just give this a shot.

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  1. Does it help with repetitive leaning (like times tables). The kids have a hard time remembering multiplication formulas off the top of their heads…

  2. What age or grade do you recommend this product for?

  3. kelli in the mirror says:

    This is sort of off-topic and I think you may have mentioned it before, but what homeschool stuff do you use? I’m starting kindergarten with my daughter this fall and all the choices are a bit overwhelming.

  4. I’m amazed by how quickly my first grader is picking up on his multiplication. He just came home one day and wanted to know how it worked. We told him and he’s been doing it ever since. But this might help him to retain it and really get it down pat! Thanks for the tip.

  5. Heck with the kids, I could use it!! I never learned my times tables in school and suffer tremendously because of it!