Book Review: Lucky Foot Stable series

 Recently I was sent the Lucky Foot Stable a series of horse books for young readers.   The books I got were Lady’s Big SurpriseStar of Wonder, and A Star Discovered.  Since my oldest girls aren’t into horse books any more, and my newest-arrived girls are still learning English, I loaned these books to my 10-year-old niece Bethany for her opinion.  Here’s what she said:

 I loved all of the books!  They had tons of adventure and excitement.  I just wanted to read on and on because I didn’t know what would happen next.  Pretty soon, I was done with one book, then the second, then with all of them.  The excitement just stayed in my mind and I wanted to be there with the girls Mary and Jody and with their horses, Gypsy and Lady, doing the same things they were doing and seeing what they were seeing.  I think all horse lovers would love the books as much as I did!

Bethany’s mom, my sister Rachel, also read one of the books.   Here’s what she had to say:

 I also read one of the books (“Star of Wonder”) and really enjoyed it. It was definitely geared toward a young reader, but had a good, exciting plot with plenty of twists and adventure.  I liked that there was fair amount of real-life horse information.  For example, the mare had a baby foal in the opening chapters of the book, and the story went through the nursing and weaning time of the pair.  It was quite matter-of-fact in describing how the physical process worked, approaching it through the eyes of one of the girls explaining it to the other.  There was also a ranch hand in the story who helped explain things to the girls as needed.  I would have no reservations about recommending this series to a horse-loving young reader.

Thanks, Bethany and Rachel, for sharing your thoughts about these books!

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  1. My oldest would love those books, I’ll bet. She is “into” horse books now. Thanks!

  2. My friend’s daughter might enjoy these, so I will let her know about them. Thanks for the great review Bethany!

  3. So could a new reader (new to chapter books) read them? I have a 6yo who is nuts about horses!

  4. I think they are more in the 4th-5th grade range. My newly arrived daughters can read Junie B Jones, which is an easy chapter book, but they are not ready to read these books.


  5. Thanks; that is very helpful!

  6. texasknights says:

    I will check these out for my horse lover of a daughter. I do hope she will enjoy them. Thanks for the review!