15 minutes better

Today was actually a mix of ‘better’ and ‘nothing to brag about’. I’ve been staying up too late the past few nights and wasn’t feeling terribly patient anyway. Then my 10 and 12 year old ‘new’ girls seemed to take turns vying for ALL of my attention. They’ve only been home 8 months and are definitely still playing catch-up in the ‘attention-from-mom’ department, but today each little demand just made me more frustrated and cranky.

This evening my 3 year old was tired and I sat down intending to rock her–except the *12* year old heard me call the 3 year old and took the chance to plop onto my lap first. Most of the time I am overjoyed that my newly arrived preteen daughter WANTS to sit on my lap, but this evening I was ticked that she’d hijacked my tired toddler’s spot.

Fortunately the 3 year old tolerated a lap sharing deal and it was OK. In fact, in the resultant clamor from most of the younger ones for equal lap time, I ended up giving all 6 of the younger ones a cuddle in the rocking chair with me, one by one. So except for my initial surly feelings, it turned out to be a sweet time.

Another good thing that happened today was some one-on-one time with my 9 year old son when we went to get his prosthetic leg re-built this morning. I always enjoy the chance to take just one child someplace, even if it is just a medical appointment. On a whim I picked up some brainteaser cards as we were heading out the door, so we had something fun to do while we were waiting. Definitely quality time.

Then this evening we somehow managed to get the youngest 6 kids ALL to bed by 9. Sometimes it is closer to 10 before they are all settled. So tonight I used the extra hour to play a game of Acquire with my 13 and 16 year old sons. They whipped me soundly, but it was fun anyway. The younger ones make it challenging to find alone time with my independent teenaged boys, so it was great to spend a little time with them.

Now it is 11:30 and I really must wrap this up in hopes of being a kinder gentler momma tomorrow. But I am hanging on to the good moments that did fit into the day…and am hoping for more tomorrow.

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  1. I’m exhausted just listening to that. Your kids don’t go to bed till 11:30? Ouch.

    I am not looking forward to having kids who can tell time. Right now I can just be all – hey kids, it’s seven-thirty! And they have NO IDEA if I’m lying or not. And usually I am.

    The six year old is starting to catch on. Boo.

  2. Oh, no, my younger kids are in bed by 9:30 or 10, even on ‘late’ nights. My teens head off by 10:30. I am the one who stays up too late, all on my own!! (smile)


  3. Every small victory is a victory still. I got 5 minutes of cuddle time with my busy 6yo yesterday-that was a victory, too!

  4. Oooh, I cannot tell you how much I needed to see your post today!!! We have five kiddos, ages 8 to 13, two of whom (sons) have been home from Ethiopia just over six months (they are 8 and 12). One of my homegrown kiddos is a type 1 diabetic, so that often sends our world into a tailspin. Anyway, yesterday was a “not so good day”. It has gotten wearing having two year olds in eight and twelve year old bodies – the constant “look out that pan is on the stove, so it is HOT”, “remember, to get water that doesn’t hurt or freeze you, you have to turn on BOTH faucets for the shower”, and on and on. they never seem to be able to know where we are when we travel – a nearly daily occurrence, down the same roads day after day for the same destinations. That you need to get a pencil when you get your math, that you have to use the lines on the paper, that unplugging the electric fence for the horse pasture is NOT the same thing as turning off the outdoor faucet that you use to fill the trough!!!! And on and on. Even though we do these things, small actions day in and day out, we are continually doing this. The crazy repetitive questions that never end. It is some days so frustrating! I so needed to hear your experiences with your kids home a similar time period! maybe we can all get through this!!!! God help us!
    Christy in WI

  5. I know that I tend to concentrate on the bad things and beat my self up about them. This is a good reminder to look for the good and concentrate on that. Thanks for posting this! I needed it today.

  6. Wow…I’ve only got four, and some days I think it’s SO hard to get in one-on-one time! I am humbled. :o) I need to get my husband reading here so that he doesn’t think I’m insane for wanting to adopt. LOL

  7. I have so enjoyed your 15 minutes better. In fact, I like it so much, I made my own version of this little activity. Thanks for the encouragement to do so.

  8. I enjoyed reading this post…it’s good to hear how anothe mom handles these major “dilemmas

    I especially was excited to know that another mom was grouchy and impatient because of staying up too late at night…why do I do that?