Fear of this is the reason….

…that while in a public restroom with my three year old, I can always be heard saying in a voice tinged with fear, “No, I’m not ready yet, don’t open the door yet, don’t even touch the lock- no, not the lock, not yet, not yet…!!”

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  1. Oh yeah, between the “Don’t TOUCH THAT it’s DIRTies” and the “NOTYET NOTYET NOTYETs,” my lips never stop moving the whole time we’re in a public restroom. It’s exhausting! Maybe I won’t potty train my next one until he/she’s more like … thirty?

  2. HA! I think we all get exposed in this way sooner or later!
    My 3 year-old is TERRIFIED to pieces of the flushes in public restrooms, and has skittishly bolted on me on more than one occasion. Our potty visits are a constant, running commentary on the impossibility of people getting flushed down potties, the mechanism of this particular flusher, etc, etc, alternated with talking through flush-induced panic attacks long enough to complete our business… and, yes, sometimes, “Noooooo, don’t open that…!!”

  3. I think the “not yet not yet….AHHH!!!” is definately part of the Mommy Initiation Hazing Rites that toddlers put us through!

  4. Shannon H says:

    Once I was using the bathroom at Borders and my son threw open the stall door and ran out. Fearing he could exit the restroom entirely, I bolted off the toilet pulling my undies up as I ran after him. The only good thing about this story is the restroom was empty except for us, so it’s a funny story instead of an embarassing one. Eek! Since then, it’s all about “stay away from the door, don’t touch that (the lock)” etc.

  5. Ah! Story of my life! It is so nice knowing I am not the only one.