Proving again that nothing is small stuff with God

I don’t know how many of you read a post I wrote awhile back when I was feeling sad that I didn’t have any baby pictures of our newest daughters who arrived last summer at the ages of 9 and 11. Here’s the link if you missed it.

Yesterday I went out to the mailbox to find a small, dense envelope from our adoption agency. I ran inside to open it with my girls, and burst into tears when I saw that yes indeed there were baby pictures.

Precious, precious gift. Both to me and to my girls.

I made copies for the girls to thumb through, along with enlargements of the nicest ones, some for their room and some for me. This afternoon I hung their baby pictures on my photo wall along with the baby pictures of all my other children. This completed a project I began more than a decade ago.  A project I began when I had no idea how difficult it might be to get baby pictures of some of my children.

Those pictures were taken a decade ago as well. Certainly our daughters’ first mom intended them as gifts for the girls. The girls were so thrilled to see these precious links to their past, proof that they were loved and adored by their first family.

But it touches me to think that even back then, God knew the longing that would be in my own heart.  To see my girls when they were babies.

 “These pictures will bring joy to Mary’s heart,” I imagine my Heavenly Father saying with satisfaction each time the shutter clicked.

And so they have.

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  1. Well that makes me cry.

  2. Oh how wonderful. What a great surprise for you!

  3. Oh, Mary, that is such a wonderful blessing!

  4. what a wonderful gift

  5. Oh Mary, that’s awesome. And I bet it went a long way in solidifying things for the girls in their minds, too. Not oly that a piece of their history is found, but to see it all incorporated with th rest of the family.

    God really does good, doesn’t He?

  6. How utterly precious of our Father to know how best to bring you joy in this area. He is so good. All.the.time.

  7. sincerelyanna says:

    What a special surprise!

  8. Amazing!!! God is sooo good!

  9. But it touches me to think that even back then, God knew the longing that would be in my own heart. To see my girls when they were babies.

    Yes, God knew. But some human had to take the photos, get them developed, and printed, and sorted, saved in a drawer or file, and mailed to you. There are a hundred small miracles along the way, each worked by a human being acting in God’s place.

    How many photos have you taken today, this week, this month? Have you sent copies to the people who wait, hoping God is looking out for them?

  10. Wow. That is incredible. What a great God we serve!

  11. Mary,
    That made me teary. What a blessing. I love to see God at work in the big picture, as well as the small blessings of life. I’m happy for you and your girls.

  12. I love the completion of this circle for you and your girls. What a wonderful and blessed gift!

  13. What a precious gift. I am in tears as I read this! What a beautiful, precious gift!!!

  14. Awesome!

    I was thinking about your quandry just this week. I’m wanting to hang some photos and wondered about adding more later when we adopt.

    God spoke your love language (and the girls, too!)

  15. Oh how sweet the heart of God is.

    So happy for you all!

  16. Beautiful! I’m soaked in tears now. That is just wonderful, Mary.

  17. What a special and heartwarming surprise! I am glad you had such a wonderful day. 🙂

  18. Nice. 🙂

  19. That is very sweet. I am hoping to find that same type of envelope in our mailbox someday.

  20. Wow, Mary…. what a precious gift! I get chills just thinking about it 🙂

  21. ((hugs)) Mary. so sweet – God is so good.

  22. Ah … you have me in tears Mary! I think this is the wish of most adoptive mothers. I’m happy your wishes came true. 😉

  23. How awesome is that? This was encouraging for someone in the midst of the adopting process. It’s awesome to know that God knows all of the details of our hearts and lives.

  24. Glory to God! Healing through God’s love for the girls even down to providing important pictures of their past. I think the girls will really love having their baby pictures up the wall too!

  25. Gotta love God! It’s the best I can do – I’ve got tears streaming you know!

    Hugs, Heidi

  26. wow mary…how wonderful for you all.

  27. texasknights says:

    Love it. Love it! I love how God does that!

  28. That is the sweetest story. Very touching!:)

  29. Wow! What a wonderful gift.

  30. I’m all smiles. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise.

  31. I am MOPPING the tears away, what a loving sentiment. I must go snap some shots and update my baby books! (Sniff Sniff) So glad I found you linked over at WonderMom.

  32. wow. I am in tears. I haven’t never dreamed of such a thing for my Ethiopian daughter. Now I will start dreaming.
    smiles and joy,
    jen in mi

  33. Our God is a great big God.
    Psalm 136:1
    Give Thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.

  34. Oh! Wow! That is just amazing, awesome, wonderful, and so many more things that I just can’t begin to express right now! Is it nosey of me to ask how the agency got the pictures??? I’m just about to blog the part of our story where we get some pictures, so I know what that envelope means to you!