15 minutes today

Going for a walk with the 6 younger kids. In the cold. Saying yes when they ask to ride their bikes. Watching 4 of the younger ones tearing up and down the road full speed wayyyyy ahead of me, laughing into the wind. Pushing the 3 year old in the stroller and wondering how much longer she’ll want to ride in the stroller. Discovering I’ve somehow gotten ridiculously out of shape this winter. Chatting with my 12 year old daughter who seems to have taken pity on her panting momma, and who opts ride her bike v-e-r-y slowly alongside me so we can chat as I huff my way back home. Coming into the house red-faced and cold, but glad that I actually got myself out there to walk a whole 0.8 miles.

With my kids.

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  1. What a great post!

  2. I love these little 15 minute slices of your life. Especially with coffee in the morning. 🙂

  3. Mine was 15 minutes of snuggling with Young Son before getting up this morning. Now that he’s getting older (almost 11) climbing into bed with mom to snuggle doesn’t happen as often as it used to…

  4. I think it is wonderful to really take that 15 minutes and just enjoy out kids…they don’t stay young long.

  5. It’s amazing how much exercise you can get just following around little ones! I really enjoy reading your “15 minutes” posts – what a great idea.

  6. Congrads on getting out there for a walk. I have discovered that I am out of shape too. I started practice walks of 1 mile per day with the kids last week to get them ready for our first vacation without a stroller. I seem to be the one panting of the big hills while three of them run uphill ahead of me. I am having to drag along the 4 year old up the hill but at least she is walking.