Hawk eye

For the next three mornings — all morning long — I’ll be away with¬†five of my kids while they do Iowa testing, the standardized testing offered by the homeschool group in our area. I always look forward to (theoretically) getting a little reading done.

In actuality I alternate between looking at the clock to gauge kids’ progress, and inwardly sighing at the fact that a kid didn’t recognize ‘thouhg’ or ‘diminesh’ as misspellings.

The kids always end up doing fine. I would do a lot better if I could just resist the urge to look over their shoulders and watch them work. But as a homeschool mom, so much of me is invested in their success…

Wish me them luck!

I’m off to try to find a really¬†distracting book.

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  1. multi-taskingmom says:

    Good luck to you….uh I mean them.


  2. A few years ago, when youngest son was in high school, I gave a book _Unclaimed Treasures_ by Patricia MacLachlan to his Art teacher as a gift.
    I mentioned that she should note how much a young man in the story was willing to do to save a piece of Art from a fire in the attic.
    She said this whetted her interest, so she brought the book with her for something to do while she was proctoring tests.
    It’s an easy read, maybe for 5th graders.

    She got so caught up in reading the story that she forgot to call the time for the students.

    She wrote all about it in her Thank You note and says it’s “one for the shelf”.

    Like you, I have to resist the urge to look over shoulders as well. I don’t have much personally invested these days, being only a TA Substitute in the school district, but the referendum just passed and my taxes are gonna go UP.

  3. ok, silly question, do you live in iowa? I love your blog.

  4. That is too funny. I can’t imagine it’s hard not to watch and want to correct every mistake sometimes. Hang in there, they’ll do great!