Fun is…

….sitting with your sisters, mom and daughters checking out a book interestingly titled, “How Not To Look Old”. (I confess– it was me who bought the book!)

We hooted over the suggestion that we go to NYC to avail ourselves of the services of a professional shopper (the tea’s free, we were informed).

Some of us groaned at the suggestion that athletic shoes and jeans aren’t actually ‘style’.

We laughed at the idea that Botox done ‘only’ once a year is the ‘budget’ solution.

But the fact that we spent an hour poring over the pages together should tell you that there was plenty of other totally intriguing and not-so-ridiculous information in the book.

 For example, to better weed out your wardrobe, invite a friend (or a sister) over. You try on clothes and she tells you what actually flatters you.

Jeans. For heaven’s sakes, look for big pockets, lycra, and boot cut.  Skinny-legged jeans are only good if you’re a twig or if you want to look like a mushroom.

And shoes. WEAR those cute shoes languishing in your closet.  Yes, even if they were your wedding shoes.

The talk was definitely silly.  Probably frivolous. Nothing world-changing in the slightest. But exactly the kind of fun I needed this evening.


 Back Row: Sis #3, my dear mom, Sis# 5, Sis #4, me (AKA Sis #1), my second daughter

Front Row:   My youngest daughter (AKA the ham – see her there?) and my youngest sister

For those of you who are interested, my youngest sister and my mom are the ones going to Ethiopia this summer to deliver your blanket money!  BTW, the Blanket Party has now raised a little over $3500!!!  Isn’t that incredible?

 Oh, and I think the real key to not looking old is to have a mom who looks that good at 60-something! Isn’t she awesome?

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  1. Gorgeous pic – your youngest daughter steals the show, though!

  2. Your mom looks gorgeous!

  3. I think your mom could *write* the book, How not to look old!

  4. Your mom IS awesome-looking! As are ALL of you! Sounds like a wonderful evening together; what a blessing to all be friends!

  5. I am still blown away that that is your Mom! There is no way she is 60-ish!

    Did I tell you she was there when I attempted to have my oldest child? I say attempted because in the end, C-section.


  6. Man oh man that sounds like fun. And your mom totally inspires!

  7. Your mom looks like one cool lady.
    What fun.

  8. You’re mom is beautiful, you all are. Looks like you were having fun!

  9. Mikaila says:

    Your mom does look great! And your older daughter looks SO much like you. =)

  10. I am a preschool teacher at our church preschool and we take an offering every Wednesday morning during chapel. We save our money throughout the semester and then choose a Christian cause to donate it to. I gave our director your website and we are going to donate our money to send more blankets! It is a concept that all of our 3,4 and 5 year old kiddos understood-babies need to go home from the hospital with a blanket no matter where they live! Thanks!!

  11. they key to not looking old is sitting beautifully on each of your faces in that photo. look at those beautiful smiles that come from inner peace. great pic!

  12. That is so funny. Recently I got myself bangs, cause I figured it was “Bangs or Botox”! And 2 weeks ago, my hairdresser said I was “hanging on to something” cause my hair was passed my shoulders. She cut it above my shoulders and now I look so older. I think I hate my hairdresser! I hate the way I look now. 😉

  13. I’ve been reading your blog since the blanket party, and I’m so excited to see what the total has reached!! Praise God!

    I love the picture – I am 1 of 5 girls as well.

    I just wanted to stop to comment, since I usually just read, that I’ve really enjoyed the things you share in your blog. I have 5 kids, the oldest is 6, and I am so encouraged to read of other large families and what that looks like in their house.

    God bless! 🙂

  14. What fun. You all look beautiful. Throw the book away. hee hee.

  15. Mary, it was a great time! We’ll have to do it again soon. Oh, and by the way, my wedding shoes are no longer languishing in my closet, they are currently being enjoyed (?) at the bottom of my jeans. Hubby says that I need to paint my nails before wearing them in public, though. 😉

  16. beautiful women! and the littlest one is too cute for words! now i’m going to go dig out those wedding shoes. what? 🙂

  17. You all look so much alike and you’re so beautiful! It’s great to have so much family around. What a blessing!