Running the race with perseverance

I read a wise post by Ann at Christian Women Online. But today, though my head acknowledged the wisdom of her words, my heart just felt tired.

Do you ever have days where it just seems like too much work to pursue the heart of a child who’s pushing the limits? When it just sounds a lot easier to ground the kid, resign from grown-up-hood, and skip off to the mall?

On days like this I am so very glad for God’s grace, and pray that somehow He will make my feeble efforts enough.

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  1. Oh yeah – having one of those days right now. Too bad the mall is one hour away. That is what keeps me from skipping off on many days 🙂

  2. It’s my life right now. I’m off to read something to get me through this. Sigh.

  3. Oh Mary, we all have those days. I’ll be praying your day gets a little easier. It is soooo hard being a mom some days. I have no doubt God is proud of the job you are doing.

    God Bless,

  4. Amen, and amen.

  5. Ohhhhhhh, yes.

  6. We all have days like this. It is what makes the great days so great!

  7. Yes, definitely. Thanks for sharing Mary.

  8. Yea and amen, Mary. Bless God for multiplying our feeble efforts…Jesus had quite a few ornery hearts to deal with too. He will pursue that heart even when you run out of strength, faithful when we are faithless.

    Be encouraged! This too shall pass, as my Grandma used to say…

  9. WordPress ate my first comment. Harrumph.

    What I was saying was yea and amen! Though we may grow weary in the race, Jesus will not stop chasing that stubborn heart. Take comfort in that; He is faithful even when we are faithless.

    Be encouraged…

  10. {{{ HUGS }}}

    Sending tea, chocolate, and a confirmation that yes, parenting is not always easy, but you are doing an awesome job!


  11. Well, okay then! Rickinrackinfrackin! I even closed my browser and re-opened and still no comment. These are the things that keep us humble…LOL…

  12. My husband likes to remind me when I have those kind of days that even our best parenting efforts need to be redeemed. We’re always going to need God’s help to fill in the gaps.

    That helps me to feel a little less overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the responsibility I have taken on in becoming a parent.

  13. Dawn in OR says:

    Bless you. I have been there a hundred times…. I had one precious child that I used to feel was like a cracked pot… I filled her up with love but “she” never felt full cause some where it was always running out. I could not plug the holes or cracks cause I found there were just too many. But I have since found that everything you pour into your child “does” stay there and it makes a difference. Years from now you will see some of that love and commitment there in the one child you felt you might just not have done enough for or taught enough or loved enough. With HIM you are always enough. Jesus multiplys our effort a hundred fold. And going to the mall is okay too…. 😉

    IN OR

  14. Thank you for posting that link. I really needed it this morning. I have a man-child that is pushing some limits, and I chose to respond with my heart today after reading that.

    And yes, we all have those days. Mine seem to be lasting weeks though……I guess I expected some adjustment period for the kids with homeschooling, but I never realized how huge the adjustment would be for me. It is getting better, but that article has me thinking of a better way now.

  15. Thank you. I had one of those mornings and felt physically drained. This article gave me new insight. My big question is when you have a big boy of 14 or 16 acting outwardly and the little ones see it. What do you do? When you have a little one do something similar there are simple biblical consequences to enforce.

    When a big boy does these things it seems that you can only admonish with your mouth, which seems so ineffectual, and then the little ones see what appears to be the big ones getting away with their rudeness or behaviour.

    I have boys 3,5,8,11,14,16.

    Blessings to you!

  16. Yeah. I hear ya, Mary.
    Boy. Do I hear ya.
    Know you are not alone.
    We’s all walking this way with you.
    Clinging to grace.