…snacking on half a cup of chocolate-covered coffee beans at 10:30 PM is not the wisest move to make. Around 2:30 this morning, I was still wide awake. The upside is that at that moment I was also watching the pages of my book spit out of my printer. All 203 of them.


A sweet sweet feeling indeed.

More from here later.

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  1. Yay, you!! (Tired, bleary-eyed you, by now…)

  2. So you’re done?! Way to go!

  3. WOOHOO!!!!!! Does this means it’s done 🙂

  4. My sis and my husband are each going to do one round of copy-editing, and then it is off to my ‘real’ editor….

    So, yes, very, very close to done.


  5. Congrats on getting your book done! Good luck on the rest of it!

  6. Love those chocolate covered coffee beans, did that once, only once, after a sleepless night. Ha!
    Great job on the completion of the book! You put your sleeplessness to good use, I guess?

  7. Yee Haw! 😉

  8. What a HUGE (not big enough letters) accomplishment!

    And anyway, the occasional all-niter is kind of fun in a house with a bunch of kids. Sure you pay for it the next day but moms are pros at running on fumes aren’t they?!!

  9. That must be such a sweet feeling indeed! Congratulations!

  10. Praying, smiling, cheering!

  11. hahahaha! And one shouldn’t eat an entire bar of dark chocolate at night either. hmmm…well it does help keep me awake when I need to sew through the night!

    Congratulations on your book. It must be such a relief to finally be getting it accomplished.

  12. Wow! How exciting. I am very impressed and will be sure to buy it when it is out.

  13. Mary,
    Can not wait to buy and READ your book. Can you remind us what it is about? Big families or a devotional ? Or devotion to a big family? 😉 It will be great!
    Dawn In OR.

  14. Awesome!! Congratulations!!