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My 17 year old is taking a Spanish class at our local college. Three days a week she is out the door just after 7 am for that class. I am not an early riser. But this morning I managed to straggle out to the living room just as she was preparing to leave. As I pulled bread dough out of the fridge to knead and let rise, we exchanged a few words. Then she gathered up her things and headed for the door. I had the urge to hug her, but my hands were full of bread dough and she was moving in the hurried way of someone trying not to be late. So I contented myself with an ‘I love you’ just before the garage door slammed. After reading this: The Importance of Touch, I wish I had gone for the hug.

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  1. I bet she’s going to wonder what got into you this afternoon when she gets home and you knock her over at the door with a huge hug that doesn’t let go. I read the post you linked and am blinking back tears. Who wouldn’t cry a little over that post, whether he or she is the child who needs holding or the parent who can’t figure out how or when to do it?

  2. That is one of the most beautiful web sites I’ve read in a long time. What an inspirtation for this homeschooling mom. Thank you.

  3. It’s especially important that dads keep touching their teenage daughters…

  4. Ohhhhhh…you’re killing me here. I’m so NOT given to touch, not a “touch-y” kind of person…DH is much more so. But that “4 to survive, 8 for maintenance, and 12 for growth” is so convicting. That’s 144 hugs I need to dole out per day for each person in this house, LOL!

    It’s so true that it’s easy when they’re little…so cuddly and loveable…so much harder when they are prickly teens and every message seems to read “stay away”.

    I am going to work on leaving my comfort zone in this area. I read Ann regularly, but I hadn’t seen this post yet. Thanks for linking.

  5. Thank you Mary! This was very needed for me right now. I’m pregnant with our third child and at times get to feeling a bit claustiphobic when my 5 and 3 year old boys want to snuggle up at the same time on my lap, get down, and then want to get back up and are both asking questions at the same time as we read a story. I know I will miss this stage soon and I need to soak it in as much as possible right now. The link about touch was a very good reminder to take time from the hectic rush I get caught up in and reach out to my boys and my husband often to reassure them I love them and I’m there for them. Thank you for your 15 minutes reminders as well. You are helping me and a great mentor even though we have never met. Thank you! Sher : )

  6. Ann’s a gem. She’s had me thinking on hugs all day. Each of my kids got a few more than usual.

  7. Sometimes, in trying to meet all those needs, I (all mamas?) feel stretched too thin, a bubble gum balloon about to pop. And maybe the hugs and the “I love yous” keep us sticking all together. Hugs and I love yous= sticky bubblegum parenting, us all deliciously stuck to one another

    Mary, thank you for encouraging us Moms who feel like we all have many…
    All’s grace,

  8. Thank you for linking to that. What an awesome post. And you know that your daughter feels your love through your presence and your words too. Give her an extra hug tonight.

  9. I love hugs 🙂 kissses and I love you’s