15 minutes :: 10

I spent all day away from home, writing. I’m making progress– hooray! Then after a brief couple hours at home, my husband and I dropped all the kids off at church where they were having a kids play night, and we went out on a date. (Saw National Treasure– what a fun movie!!)

It was a nice day, but not good for fitting in time with the kids. I did finally think of a couple things, though. During my brief afternoon time at home, I snagged 3 of my big kids for a game of Phase Ten (yes, I like that game!) Often I am so busy with the younger ones that my bigger ones just do their own thing, so it was nice to have a bit of time just with them. Then when we went to pick up the kids from church, I opted to ride home with Eldest in her car so she and I could get 20 minutes of uninterrupted talk time. Very nice, especially since she had been away at school all week.

I hope some of you will also share your good moments. And if you don’t read Carrien’s blog, go check it out. She is doing some beautiful posts sharing her best moments of the day lately.

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  1. I’ve never posted before but I’ve been following your blog for about a little over a year now. What an amazing family you have!!!

    I sponsor a beautiful 5-year-old girl in Ethiopia and I hope to adopt from that country one day. I have had a heart for Africa and adoption since I was a small child.


  2. Thanks for the link.:) And the compliment.